30 Hour Getaway


My husband and I ran away for the weekend.  We had to take Megan with us, since she’s still nursing, but it still seemed like vacation with only one child instead of four!  Kirstyn, Cory and Cameron stayed with Grammy while we drove to Butler, PA to pick up a free fridge from an uncle who cleans out houses.  (Maybe a step up from dumpster-diving?) We did have to pay for the diesel fuel in the truck to pick up this “free” fridge, but we got a beautiful drive, a 30 hour getaway, and a nice visit with relatives in the process.  I also had hours of talking time with Derek, Starbucks coffee, and a chance to read a whole book in two days!

I had a bad mommy moment on the way over to Butler.  I let my daughter slice her finger open on my eyeliner pencil sharpener!  I never use eyeliner, so I never use the sharpener.  So… I didn’t think about it having sharp blades!  (I know, I know, just excuses!)  Megan was a tad fussy in the truck, maybe because she didn’t have siblings to entertain her.  I was handing her one thing after another from my purse, and tote bag, and make-up bag.  All of a sudden she started screaming, and there was blood all over her hand.  I pulled her thumb out of the sharpener, and grabbed a Subway napkin to press on her sliced finger.  Half her nail was torn off, and the bleeding took a long time to stop.  She screamed and screamed, since I kept holding her still and pressing a napkin down on her thumb.  Derek couldn’t believe I’d given Megan a blade to play with, and I got more than one dirty look.  I felt horrible!  And I didn’t have any first-aid items with me.  Not even a Band-Aid.  Or children’s Tylenol.  I felt even more like a horrible mother!  I wrapped Megan’s finger with a piece of napkin and a bunch of electrical tape.  She kept picking at the bandage, and managed to pull it off a few times.  Then it would start bleeding again, and she would scream, and scream even louder when I had to hold her down and wrap her thumb all over again.  But the bleeding finally stopped, Megan stopped crying, and everyone was happy once we arrived at Aunt Chrissy’s house.  I still haven’t washed all the blood off of our clothes and toys and blankets.

Megan loved being the center of attention!  She spent the weekend being silly and cracking herself up.  She played in the jacuzzi, slid down the basement hatch doors, chased the kitties, and ate pancakes and cookies.  What a life!  Derek and I stayed up super late chatting with Jason, Joey and Aunt Chrissy.  And laughing about pink spandex.  On Derek.  Yeeaaahh.

We slept great!  Maybe because we had separate beds?  I tried curling up next to Derek on the single mattress, but decided to leave him in the middle of the night.  I moved to the other single mattress, in the bottom bunk, and stayed there for a long time!  When Megan woke up for good in the morning (I had no idea what time it was, just that sun was streaming in the window), I put her on the floor and said, “Go see Daddy!”  Next thing I knew, Derek was rubbing my back telling me he’d made me coffee and there were pancakes to eat.  He got extra brownie points for figuring out how to use the french press I’d brought!

No blood or guts on the way home.  Just in my book, “The Sea Of Monsters.”  Percy Jackson is only thirteen years old, and I’m not sure I want to admit that at almost thirty years old I’m reading these books, but I am!  And they’re fascinating!  Plus, they’re a quick read compared to some 500 page, boring adult book, and time is valuable around here.  But I do read adult books too… just so you know… because I am a grown-up…

I smothered Kirstyn, Cory and Cameron with kisses when we got home.  Even thirty hours away made me miss them!  I LOVE my kids!  Vacations without them are nice for a time, but I’m always glad to come home and be a whole family again.


About patchofheaven

"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. Great story!!! A First Aid kit for the cars…good present!
    Glad that you got away….now how did Grammy and Pappi survive?

  2. Ouch, poor baby (making a mental note of this).

    I read the Peter and the Starcatcher series earlier this year. Reading a “children’s” series was surprisingly refreshing. I’ll have to add Percy Jackson to my list. 😉

  3. Hey Ruth, just though I might pass along that giving Tylenol when someone is bleeding is a BAD idea. Tylenol is basically a lubricant for the blood that will not allow the platelets to stick together or clot which needs to happen in order to stop the bleeding. I don’t mean to come across preachy or anything I am just trying to offer some helpful advice:) Your mom told me about the blog:) Thanks for sharing!:)

    • Thanks! I appreciate that! I’d never heard that before, and will definitely remember that for the next big boo-boo.

      • not a problem:) I learned that the hard way before someone explained it in EMT class LOL

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