Of course my books would teach me something!


I’ve been organizing.  Specifically, my wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves upstairs.  A few things I learned:

I have a lot of books!  I should count them sometime.  It would probably take a few days.

I have more cookbooks than I realized!  There’s probably a reason I stuffed them upstairs on a dusty bookshelf.

I also have more health books than I remembered, and more marriage books than will fit on one shelf.  Why do I have so many marriage books?  Have I even read them all?  So, do I have an excellent marriage from applying all these books, or do I keep buying books hoping to improve my marriage?  Hmm.

I still love missions!  A lot!  I almost cried when I found my collection of books by Thomas Hale, missionary to Nepal.  I remember when he and his wife Cynthia visited our church to speak at a missions conference, and I remember deciding I was going to live in a mud hut in Nepal when I grew up.  I carried that dream for a long time.  My heart skipped a beat tonight, as I remembered all those missionary stories I’d read.

This is dangerous.

I’m a mom, and my mission is motherhood.  “Lord, may I not be discontent!  Teach me to serve on this mission field called ‘home,’ love my children, raise them well, and win their hearts for You.”

But I can pray like crazy that my children will love missions too!  I would be the happiest mom in the world if all my children dedicated their lives to serving Christ.  Fighting for His Kingdom.  Bringing souls to Jesus.  It really doesn’t matter where!  But… if God led someone overseas… of course I’d have to visit.

And finally… I’m still not a super-organized person.  It’s just not me!  Clean, yes.  I don’t like dirt on my floor, but clothes are okay.  I’m working on this!  Derek is the opposite.  He likes an orderly house, but doesn’t mind if I’ve dusted recently.  I’ll find that happy medium.  For now, I stuffed “How Not to be a Messie” and “Clutter’s Last Stand” on a back bookshelf.  Way up high.


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  1. Ruth, you’re adorable! I love your words about “serving on the mission field of home”. In today’s society and even in Christian circles, it’s often thought that to be truly effective and spiritual, we should be living on some foreign mission field — sometimes at the expense of our families. I love your reminder that truly what God looks at is our hearts and how we serve Him when no one else sees. The Lord has really been bringing that home to my heart lately. Something, I need to be continually reminded of.

    We have gobs of books too. I have been trying to sort through them and get rid of some now and then. We have some just sitting in the attic in bags because we don’t have enough shelves or space for them all. I try to reflect on the recent bags of stuff that I just got rid of rather than all the stuff that we still have accumulated. It can be overwhelming at times!

    I love it when you wrote about all your marriage books. We have lots too, and I love to read about marriage and parenting — my favorite subjects! There is always something new that I can learn or some reminder that I find I need for just that moment.

    Well, it’s about time to start school…

  2. Oooohhhh! I love books too! Can I come and just peruse your bookshelf! Sounds like we like a lot of the same topics! You can come do the same to me!

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