Yep. I’m still talking about my birthday!


If I use too many exclamation points, blame it on the coffee.  I’m high right now!  I’ve missed these late night, quiet hours.

My week has been stuffed with fun!  Last Tuesday was my birthday.  You already know that, because I keep talking about it.  I did school with Kirstyn, ate lunch at the park with my kids, Mom H, Shelley (who bought my lunch!), and Erin, threw leaves in the air with my kids, and ran away to Starbucks with Derek.  We were planning on a nice, dress-up dinner, but Derek got sick that day.  So we sat in Starbucks, and Derek listened attentively while I sipped coffee and talked about babies.  And gossiped.  Is it gossiping if I’m just sharing with my husband?

On Wednesday, I drove two hours up to York, Pennsylvania, to visit with my friend Amy.  She made me a cake!  And gave me presents!  We sat outside and chatted while our seven kids ran around like the beautiful, lively children they are.  And we decided that rambunctious, manly little men are good.  Who wants a dull, quiet house?  I want my boys to split wood and blow stuff up like their daddy.

On Thursday, I was expecting something.  I’d been expecting “something!”  A girl only turns thirty once, you know?  I’d been looking for clues and hints for weeks, and then my sweet sisters-in-law paid for a haircut, shopping/coffee, and a massage… with orders to be home by 6:00pm.  (I skipped coffee and went to the movies!  I’ve always wanted to go to the movies in the middle of the day, all by myself, for no good reason — just ’cause!)

When I arrived home at 6:15, I was looking for extra cars, listening for more noise than usual, and when I stepped inside, MY FAMILY was sitting in my livingroom!!!  I was surprised, because my brother Andrew had just had surgery on his broken collar-bone.  The day before!   And then drove eight hours in the car!  I was expecting a house full of friends, but my family was even better.  (Plus Ben.  Same difference.)

Friday we spent all day WEDDING DRESS shopping!  SO much FUN!  I cried.  My sister Esther looks absolutely radiant in a wedding dress!  Stunning!  (Yes, Ben, I know she always does.  No sappy comments.)  I made her try on lots and lots of dresses, since I don’t get to be part of the stress and giggles back in Massachusetts.

On Saturday, my siblings and Ben took me to Pier 1 and bought me a papasan chair.  Oh, heaven in a moon shape!  Then we hit up David’s Bridal so Esther could show me a dress she liked.   (Which she found HERE in Maryland on the sale rack!  And bought!)  Next, we went to Highline in Greencastle for coffee.  Ben paid for our bottomless mugs.  (So nice to have an almost-brother-in-law!  Never had one of those before!)  My sisters and I jumped right in with talk of bosoms.  Told Ben this was normal small-talk for girls.

Got home, and HOLY COW!  Here’s the surprise party I had stopped looking for!!!  Derek pulled it off!  Sixty or so of my friends were gathered in my house.  We had a blast!  Oh, and was it that night Derek, Ben and Andrew built a few explosives?  REAL ones!  And set them off in the back yard?  At least it was under cover of darkness.  I would’ve been mad for years if I’d spent the night dragging my husband home from jail!


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    • No kidding! For a while, I was thinking, “Maybe…”, and then I was like, “Nah — I guess not!” It was a good trick. =)

  1. this makes me miss my family! SO glad you had such a fantastic 30th birthday! I’ve got 2 more years to go… I’ll let James read this post so he can get some ideas. 🙂 Can’t wait to for both of our families to hang out! Forgot to ask if you’re still up for seeing us even though it will be the day before Thanksgiving… will you even be home?

    • Carolyn! Yes! We’ll be here, and Derek took that whole week off work, so he’ll be able to spend the day with us. I CAN’T WAIT to see you guys!

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