Birthday Letter


Dear CJ,

Happy 3rd Birthday!  I love you more than all the chocolate chips in the world!  I’m sorry I kept forgetting you had a birthday coming up, because my birthday was such a big one.  Your birthday is every bit as important as mine!  I’m sorry it’s like that a lot, because you live smack dab in the middle of this family.

Thank you for your happiness and excitement over simple things.  Like meatballs.  Or a trip to Tony’s and CVS, just you and me.  Like when I gave you a toy lawn mower I’d bought at a yard sale.  Even just the balloon and “happy birthday” banner made your eyes light up!

One of your sweetest traits is your gratefulness.  My heart melts when you say, “Mmmm!  This is GOOD!,” whether it’s just mac and cheese again, or something I’ve spent two hours making.  If I hand you a new package of socks or a new truck, it doesn’t matter.  I know you’ll hug me with excitement and say, “Thanks Mom!  THANKS!”

I love your kisses on my sleepy head first thing in the morning.  Sometimes I’m frustrated that you woke up so early, but I treasure those kisses!  And I’ll miss you when you don’t come in to kiss me anymore.  Or climb under the covers with me, or sit on the bed and play with a truck and a flashlight.

What an awesome daddy you’ll be!  I saw you run over from jumping on the trampoline when Megan fell, and stay until you knew she was okay.  You can be super bossy and stubborn too, but those traits will turn you into a fine leader someday.  I’m sorry when I yell at you, instead of figuring out what you’re feeling and why you’re doing what you’re doing.  And I’m glad you don’t let us stick you in the corner anymore!  Always yell out for more of my attention if I’m not giving you enough.

I love your persistence, and doggedness, and calm patience when you’re trying to understand how something works.  You’ll sit for hours with a lock and key, or a wrench, or any of daddy’s tools for that matter!  You are one smart cookie when it comes to things mechanical.  I’m counting on you to fix all my broken stuff, and create new gadgets while you’re at it!

Thank you for loving me unconditionally, even when I’m a grumpy mommy.  (Good practice for a wife!)  Thank you for all your hugs and kisses, and for letting me into your life.  I love talking to you!  You waited FOREVER to start talking, but now I’m amazed at some of the things that leave your lips.  Never stop talking to me!  Tell me if I stop listening.

I love you, I love you, I love you!  I’m never going to stop loving you, and I’m never going to stop telling you that either.


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  1. I love this letter! Do you do this for all your children on their birthdays. I started doing birthday letters in their scrapbooks but I haven’t been scrapbooking for the last few years. Quit about the time I started blogging. Maybe I need to take your hint and blog the letters! But then I’m not near the skilled writer you are. This was beautiful!

    • Gina, don’t SAY such things! And no, I haven’t written a birthday letter before. Wish I had! Every birthday, I always wanted too and just didn’t. It’s sad that the blog publicity encouraged me to write the first. But I guess that’s better than not at all, right? I’m hoping to keep up the tradition!

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