Pills and Beer


Not to boast or anything, but… MY baby can swallow more vitamins than your baby!  I’m raising a pill addict, quite by accident.

Every day Moosies begs, “Have vitamins?  Have vitamins?  Please? Please?”  (In our house, you always say things at LEAST twice in order to be heard.)  She started begging for vitamins earlier this year, when she realized that her siblings were getting a “special treat” every day — and she wasn’t!  So I shake out a vitamin C/rosehip, garlic, aloe vera, omega 3-6-9, and vitamin A&D.   Within seconds, they’re down the hatch!

(I give her even more than this when she’s sick.)

It’s my back-up plan!  You know, since my kids don’t eat pre-soaked, steel cut oats with fresh prunes for breakfast, broccoli for lunch, and more broccoli for supper.  I feed them leftover mac and cheese, and give them disease-fighting supplements on the side.  I know it’s more expensive this way, but oh so easy!

Sometimes Moosies’ pill-popping skills backfire on me.  Like, I give her almonds or peanuts (I know, choking hazards) and she gulps them down WHOLE.  Expensive snack.  Hard pooping, and messy diaper changes.  And sometimes, the pill-popping itself is messy!  Like today, when Moosies bites into the aloe vera and sprays it all over me.

I wonder what else I’m feeding my kids.  Stuff they swallow whole.  Because they do!  It might backfire on me later.  Might be movies we’ve watched, books we’ve read, or it might be music.  Might be an unkind word I hurled at them in anger.  Might be something else.

My kids like all the drinking songs, and ask me to turn up the radio when Toby Keith starts singing “Beer for my Horses” or Billy Currington cranks out “Pretty Good At Drinking Beer.”  This makes me uncomfortable.

Cboy asks me stuff like, “Mom, is beer good?”

I try to be a wise, calm, never-jump-to-conclusions mother.  I’m thinking, “WHAT in the WORLD?  You better not start drinking!  Ever!”  I say, “Why, Cboy?”

“Well, because that song says, ‘God is great, beer is good.’  So is beer good?”

“Well, a lot of people think it tastes good, but it’s not good for your body.  It can make your liver sick, and you can die.”  Okay, so I’m being dramatic.  But I want him to get the picture!

Silence.  What’s he thinking?

If I give my kids good stuff to swallow, I know for sure they’ll be thinking about GOOD stuff!  It’s that old law of sowing and reaping (Galatians 6:7-8).


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  1. I can’t get Caelan to even swallow pills! The other two do just fine though..mostly Melatonin so that they actually sleep at night.

    I hear ya on the songs though. What do you do about “toes in the water….in the sand”? I told them that daddy tried pepe’s bear once by mistake and thought it was gross. That seems to help for now…

    Thanks for the great blogs!

    • Funny you should mention that! When my family was down last, I was telling Ben how the CD version doesn’t use “toes” a second time, like the radio version. I said, “It says a, s, s.” And Kirstyn shouts out, “That spells A**!!!” Gosh, these homeschoolers are smart!

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