Fishy crackers, firewood, and fresh ground beef


We’ve been crazy busy the past few days!  Big things, little things, all stuff that writes our family’s story:

  • Escaping a house fire.  CJ decided to toast his fishy crackers in the microwave, still sealed in a big foil bag (Sam’s Club).  “I SPARKLED them!” is what he told me with a grin.
  • Kbug wouldn’t feel the bottom of Cboy’s warm plate, so he told her she couldn’t be in his wedding.  Glad we have that decided already.
  • Kbug dressing her fluffy kitten in Barbie clothes.
  • I showed Cboy how to jump on empty milk jugs and pop the top across the room.  Free fun!
  • 90 lbs of fresh ground beef from the butcher shop!  Erin, Mom H. and I turned it into 500 meatballs and around 50 meatloafs on Thursday afternoon.
  • Stuffing our freezers full with the rest of the cow, turned into steaks, roasts, and… MORE ground beef!
  • Getting 5 diapers into the diaper pail!  Yes, this is exciting for me!  I toss every (wrapped up) dirty diaper from the changing table to the diaper pail.  Ten feet, into an opening six inches around… I usually miss every time.
  • Kbug whining, “Why do YOU get to change ALL the poopy diapers?!”  I kid you not.  And you don’t know how close I came to saying, “You know what?  Knock yourself out girlfriend!”
  • Kbug learned how to whistle.  Now I don’t have to hear, “Mommy, make Cboy stop whistling!  It hurts my feelings, since I don’t know how.”
  • Going on my first ever field trip as a homeschool mom!  We toured the Greencastle fire station.  SO cool!  I was way more excited than my kids.  My kids were the ones saying, “But I have to EAT it, Mom!” (A booger) and making faces in the super shiny rims on the fire trucks.
  • Woodcutting party!  A bunch of families from church came down and helped us cut and stack wood.  After seven hours, we had 12 cords sitting pretty, waiting for us to burn this winter.  It sounds like I worked too, but I didn’t!  The dads and kids did it all, while the moms and babies sat inside and cooked and laughed and talked.
  • Watching my husband run the backhoe and walk around in his chainsaw chaps.  He is smokin‘ hot in those chaps!  Makes me drool every time.
  • Watching Cboy throw logs around with the big boys, and turn cartwheels through the orchard while the other boys just walked.
  • Cboy came inside and made a HUGE dirty mess taking his shoes and coat off, which I totally didn’t mind from my worker boy.  I turned around, and the mess was gone!  He’d cleaned it up with the broom and dustpan.
  • Kbug took over another chore for me!  She hopped in the tub for her Saturday night bath, and I put Moosies in to play while Kbug washed up.  Next thing I know, both girls are out of the shower, and Kbug’s putting a diaper on Moosies!  Even Moosies’ hair was squeaky clean!
  • Rubbing Cory’s back in church this morning, at his request, and having him fall asleep on my lap.  Sweet moments I wish could stay forever.
  • Of course, how can I not mention my Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks!  I sipped it slowly, making it last as long as possible for the hour and fifteen minutes home from church.  Thank you to my family, the Spulers, and Bryce and Heather for birthday gift cards!

On a side note, my spell-checker does not do “poopy” and “boogers.”  I guess it doesn’t have kids.


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  1. WOW! That’s a lot of meatballs!! How nice to have them all done ahead of time!

    Sorry we couldn’t be there Saturday. Bryce had a class, and I just didn’t have it in me to get the boys up early enough to take him in so I’d have the vehicle. I kinda wished I had latter in the day…Oh well, next year! 😉

    I’m glad you are enjoying the gift card!

    Oh, and I usually just add those fun mommy words to the dictionary 😉

  2. Cute! I’ll have fun reading your blog to prepare my husband and I for kids and you can learn new crafty things at mine. haha! Kid’s say the darndest things 🙂

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