Oh, did you think we were clear on the birds and the bees?


After all my talk about talking about sex with my kids, I realized it’s still not perfectly clear to them.  Which is great, by the way!  I try to answer their questions with the perfect amount of clarity and vagueness.  I’ve succeeded!

Tonight I was boiling spaghetti (told you I didn’t do gourmet!), trying to encourage creative play on the other side of the room.  I suggested that Kbug and CJ pretend to be Uncle Rick and Aunt Shelley on the dairy farm.  That worked for a while…

“Come, little S!  I said come!  We have to go feed the calves now.  COME!”  Kbug never did get “cousin S” to come.  Moosies didn’t feel like role-playing!

Kbug ditched the dairy farm and turned to church.  This is where it got interesting.

“Oh, I’m just the pastor, and this is my little daughter,”  I overheard Kbug say.  “She doesn’t have a daddy.  I never did get married!”

I almost laughed out loud at her happy, sing-song voice!  But you know, that’s not really funny, so I asked, “Oh yeah?   How did you get your little girl then?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  I can’t remember!  I’m a hundred and one, you know!”

And that is when I DID start laughing!


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