Monday? Bring it!


Can I tell you a secret?  I love Mondays!  No joke!  I understand the Monday back-to-the-daily-grind-blues, and I’ve done my share of complaining.  But overall, Mondays around here are fun!  Here’s why:

It’s a fresh start!

I’m rested.  Sleep does wonders for my attitude!  Dee usually lets me nap for a couple of hours on Sundays, and we spend the afternoon/evening just hanging out.  No projects!

Because I’m rested, I have more patience with the kids.  CJ spills his water?  And cuts his hand all up?  No problem.  Popcorn all over the floor?  And noodles floating in the bathtub?  That’s okay.

Sunday morning’s message and sweet fellowship are still fresh in my mind.  I actually got to talk to MOMMIES!  And God was there.  I know God is here always, and I know I should always remember the lessons I’ve learned.   But the fact of the matter is… I don’t always.  I forget, in the middle of diapers and laundry.  On Mondays, I remember that my hands doing these jobs are God’s hands.

My mom calls me!  I’ll never be too old to talk to my mom, to get excited when I see her number pop up on my caller ID.  She understands the diapers and laundry!

Kbug only does one page of math?  Oh well.  We have the rest of the week to catch up!

We blow up punch balloons, jump on the trampoline, color pictures, pet kitties, eat popsicles, make block towers and tents, and I do all these things too.

By Friday, after doing all these things for five days straight, and cooking and washing and calming down tempers, I’m weary!  I usually fall asleep on Dee’s lap Friday night, and ask him the next day how the movie ended.

Today was extra fun, because we had a mad cop show up on our front step!  Lucky for me, I changed out of my jammies at 8:00am instead of 9:00am!  I still had mascara smeared under my eyes, but oh well.  She wanted to know if we were #12868, and when I said no, she said, “Well then, where the H**L is it!”  Sorry lady.  The rednecks around here are good hiders!


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