I’m kicking grumpy’s butt!


I’m trying not to complain about anything this week.  It’s hard! (See?  Complaining!)  When Dee called this morning, I told him about Moosies spilling her fishy crackers and Kbug knocking over my vase of flowers.  Really?  Is that all?

Dee said, “Babe, would you trade all the messes for no kids?”  (Oh drat.  Convicted again!  He’s so wise and kind, that man of mine.)

NO!  A thousand times NO!

Basically, as Pappy puts it, I need to “suck it up!” and welcome the messes.

If I seem sickly sweet and happy this week, it’s because I’m working on gratefulness.  Please stick with me!  And know that I may be blinking back tears and gritting my teeth as I journal my blessings.

Today I’m thankful for…

1. small hands, still learning coordination

2. hot showers

3. a sharp razor

3. a full pantry

4. rain

5. chubby toddler legs

6. coffee (even lukewarm!)

7. three friends that call, just to say “hi,” invite me to girls night, and tell me about free tickets to Sight and Sound

8. a mother-in-law that offers to watch my youngest kids so I can GO to Sight and Sound!

9. sisters-in-law to go with me

10. farm fresh eggs — free!

11. a brand new firefly shirt from my sister

12. jeans that look good

13. a husband that goes grocery shopping

14. the smell of soft, clean baby curls

15. sticky peanut butter kisses from baby lips

16. a dishwasher

17. flowers from my man

18. “Parenthood” on NBC tonight!

19. a daughter that thinks to write a thank you note all on her own

20. ripped knees in boy jeans

21. a bunk bed for tent forts…

22. …and flashlights to make it even more cool

Thanks for staying!  My list might seem insignificant, but I hope to let a new attitude of gratefulness fill my heart.  If it does, no doubt it will spill over somewhere else too!


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  1. Remember to mute those commercials! 😉

    I’ve seen the Toyota one a couple times. I know they’re trying to be funny, but I agree that it is super annoying and sends a terrible message, both to kids and their parents.

  2. Love it! How can you even think to list those things? I find that by the end of the day, I have very few thoughts, beyond being thankful that God gave us a night in which to rest. 🙂 Thankfulness is a good thing! I catch myself wining about stuff and am reminded too of how much I need to work on this.

      • Shauna, thank you for the link! And thanks for saying “Hi!” Stopping by your blog made me remember those looooong ago Russia days… You and Rachel mad at each other… LOL!

        I love Ann’s writing, and I totally got the idea for my list from her Mulititude Monday thing. But I can’t figure out how to put her button on my site! I’ve tried and tried, because I want to be smart and figure it out myself, but… not happening. Any help? Anybody?

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