My Pollyanna girl


My kids haven’t seen the movie “Pollyanna,” but Kbug is a living replica of that girl!  She’s always looking on the bright side of life, looking for the good in people.

Yesterday, we saw a neighbor out raking leaves in the furious wind.  I laughed, and said, “Oh, that’s silly!  Why would she rake leaves in a wind storm? The piles will just blow away!”

I wasn’t actually asking “why?” but Kbug told me anyway.  “Mom, maybe she’s a… what do you call it when your husband dies?”

“A widow?”

“Yeah!  Maybe she’s a widow, and she really misses her husband and needs something to do.”

Okay, I’m kind of convicted by my daughter’s sweet thoughts, but I kept up the conversation. 

“Well, I know she’s not a widow, because I’ve seen her husband before.”

“Maybe her husband’s at work and her kids are in school?  Maybe she’s bored, waiting for her kids to come home, so she’s raking leaves.”

“No, she looks older, like a grandma.”

“Well maybe she just likes raking leaves!!!”

Aaannnnnd… Kbug’s the winner, of Choose Love Day!

I certainly don’t want my daughter to grow up being so naive and trusting that she gets taken advantage of and hurt.  Not physically anyway.  Hurt feelings, on the other hand, just mean that we’re being Christlike!  (And we can always choose to forgive, brush the hurt feelings away.)  We’re still loving, serving, and giving with wide open hearts.  Regardless of whether the world gives back or not.

Kbug’s heart reminded me of this favorite quote…

“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

Today I’m grateful for…

23. a gracious, sensitive, loving daughter

24. black tea…

25. …a new “Parents” magazine to go with it!

26. a strong house to keep out the wind

27. fluffy down blankets

28. the local library

29. Christmas music

30. a huge mulch pile (fort material)

31. Beeyoutiful vitamins

32. raw milk

33. peach smoothies, with peaches from Grammy’s trees!

34. sweaters

35. kittens

36. our wood furnace

My gratefulness list idea came from Ann Voskamp.  Check her out over at A Holy Experience!  Her words are quiet, gentle, and beautiful.


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  1. I thought you had to be reading Holy Experience. Isn’t Ann convicting!

    I keep thinking I need to start a list. But it hasn’t happened yet.

    And I’d love to know what you did to train a Pollyanna girl. We have the opposite. Not that she is always in a black mood but it sure seems she can find something wrong with about anything!

    • Haha! Sure sounds like you have a firstborn prophet on your hands!

      Gina, I don’t think I did anything to make Kbug this way. I’m thinking she might have the spiritual gift of mercy? She was born with a sunny, sensitive disposition! Not that she doesn’t have *many* dark, dramatic moods too! She does. Soooo dramatic! I can’t believe six year olds can be so emotional!

      Yes, I think there are tons of ways to train your child to be a giver/servant, but I think some children are just born with a natural bent in that direction! I was blessed to have an easy firstborn!

  2. First of all, I haven’t read the book, but we watched Pollyanna was our favorite movie growing up and somehow my mother absolutely instilled in us all of Pollyanna’s wonderful virtues. It does cause problems sometimes and yes, my feelings do get hurt, but being lucky enough to know God, it is much easier to brush it off and forgive! Keep up the loving work! Your daughter will turn out to be a strong, loving Christian woman who is healthy enough to know that hurt feelings do not need to be kept inside but instead can be giving to the Father to heal perfectly and wonderfully!

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