Pneumonia and a Christmas tree

Pneumonia and a Christmas tree

Moosies struggled through a bout of pneumonia earlier this week.   I barely had time to eat, never mind blog!  For three days, all she did was curl up in my arms, cry, cough, moan, suck in air, or finally crash on the couch for thirty minutes at a time.  At night, she woke up every hour or less, and just wanted to be held and rocked while she wrestled to get comfortable.  She had a fever the whole time too, so I had a hard time keeping her cool.  It was EXHAUSTING, for both her and me!

But she’s back to normal now!  Climbing, running, hitting her brothers, and teasing me about having gas.  Yeah.  Even at one-and-a-half years old!  I’m still pounding her chest to loosen leftover congestion, and also adding eucalyptus oil to the humidifiers.

Moosies stopped nursing when she caught pneumonia, so we’re done.  I was too consumed with caring for her and catching sleep in my spare moments to be super sad about it then.  Now, though, I’m sad!  Especially because once Moosies was better, she started to ask again, “nurse? nurse?”  Like tonight on the way to bed.  I just keep saying “no,” because I know we needed to stop sooner rather than later.  As much as I admire the moms who go longer than a year and a half, it’s just not accepted around here.  So I’m sad.  Dee goes back and forth between making fun of me, and being really sympathetic!

Moving on…

Last Sunday we drove down the road to pick out and haul home our Christmas tree!  I don’t have pictures of the “sawing down,” but took a couple shots of the boys waiting for Daddy to come home from church.  It snowed that day, which was exciting for ME!   Just flurries, but snow is snow.

I waited until the kids were in bed to put lights on the tree.  It’s just easier that way!  On Monday morning though, I let them hang ornaments up however they wanted.  They’ve been taking ornaments down and re-hanging them ever since!  Our tree has quite a few “ornament clumps.”  It’s beautiful!  I did hang several special ones myself, way up high…

I’m leaving tomorrow later today for Massachusetts, to help party up my sister’s bridal shower.  I can’t believe she’s getting married in a month!  And I can’t believe Christmas is soon!  I’m bringing another sister back home with me, and I’m just as excited as my kids about that.  I’m looking forward to hanging out with my baby sister (now nineteen) until Christmas!


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  1. Ooohhh. Sorry you had the sickies. Since I just had it – I can more easily sympathize with anyone else who has to deal with it. One of our boys is coughing and I’m sure hoping he isn’t getting it, too. So far, it doesn’t seem too serious. But I’ll probably be nervous until he’s better.


  2. I want Anna too! Really, I hope you have anmazing time together and please say hi to her for me and tell my friend, who I hardly ever see, I miss her. Have fun!

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