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I’m taking all my sick days now!


Did anyone forget that I’m pregnant?  ‘Cause I didn’t!  I’ve been feeling lousy the past couple of days.  I had to clean my toilets just so I had a clean place to throw-up.  I felt (relatively) great in Massachusetts, so whoever was praying for me, please don’t stop!

I feel like eating constantly, but nothing sounds good.  And if I do eat, I might lose it again, so what’s the point?  But I’m growing a baby, so I have to eat.  But if I open up my fridge, the smell of pickles (which I bought for pregnancy cravings) makes me puke. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

Last night we got a bunch of snow.  I have no idea how many inches.  Maybe eight?  It was a heavy, sticky snow, so the trees are absolutely gorgeous!  I felt like getting out of the house, so we piled into the Suburban (love my 4wd truck!) and drove to… guesses anyone?… Starbucks of course!  (Did anyone miss that question?)  Iced coffee for me, and hot chocolate for the kids.  What?  Why iced?  Because I’m pregnant!  That’s why.  Don’t mess with a pregnant woman’s craving.

Cboy wanted to drive around and look at the snow-covered trees, so we did.  For over an hour!  I took as many back roads as I could, even exploring a bit, and the roads through the woods were by far the prettiest I’ve ever seen.  We drove by the airport too, at the boys’ request.  Moosies slept in the car, so that meant no nap at home.  And no nap for ME!  I forgot how totally exhausting it is to grow a little person and take care of already-born kids to boot!

It’s okay though. Don’t feel too bad for me, because we’re having fun around here!  And my nausea should only last another few weeks, since I’m already nine weeks pregnant.  (Okay, eight and five days.)  Kbug is already in love with this new baby.  She loves to make food for him (my guess), which I have to eat of course.  She also loves to look at online pictures of the baby’s growth and development week by week.  Science class!

Waiting for perfect? Silly me!


I finally have the last of the throw-up bedding through the wash.  “Bedding” means sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets.  Kids don’t really know how to contain vomit in one convenient location.  Some of the throw-up laundry sat on my floor for days.  Isn’t that gross?  I did other laundry, avoiding that smelly, chunky pile.  Scraping and washing away throw-up has got to be THE GROSSEST motherhood job!

Dee won the “gross-you-out” award though.  Moosies threw up in the middle of the night this week, and Dee took her into the shower while I changed her sheets.  I came downstairs to find them lounging in the tub, hot water washing over them, and then I heard heaving.  Moosies was chucking up the rest of her stomach contents all over Dee’s neck and shoulders.  Maybe a little on his face too.  He just kept his mouth shut tight!  He’s such a super-hero Daddy.

On a happier note, we got MORE SNOW!  Three inches this time!  Piddly stuff compared to what some states got, but it made me happy.  My kids were happy too!  Dee hooked the kids up to the back of the tractor, threw some sleds under them, and took off around the yard and fields.  They had a blast!  I never got to sled behind a tractor when I was little!  I hope they know how good they’ve got it.


Sooo, I wrote that last bit sometime last week.  I probably didn’t publish it because I was waiting for perfect.  I like perfect, but perfect never happens around here!

For example, my house is really, really dirty right now.  I can’t remember the last time I let it get this dirty!  And it’s going to have to wait another week to be cleaned. 


And I’m running around like a butchered chicken, trying to get the last bags flung in the Suburban before Dee gets home from work.  And I’m trying not to throw up.  ‘Cause guess what?  WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!  I’m hoping and praying really hard that I’ll feel good this week.  AND still be able to squeeze into my bridesmaid dress!

That’s it, I gotta keep running.  Last week’s blogging absence was unplanned, but this week I’m planning on not writing.  Next week I’ll do my best to jot down at least the exciting, gross, or hilarious happenings of this week!

Can I have a snow day, please?


I haven’t thrown the Christmas tree out yet.  The kids keep adding ornaments…

I don’t know if they’re aiming for my Starbucks mug?  Right now there are more Nerf darts than traditional ornaments on my tree!

I’ve slowly starting ripping taking down Christmas decorations.  I’m ready for all the stuff to be back in my attic!  It’s just too much work to do it all at once.  My Willow Tree Nativity really needs to come down though.  It’s been on top of my entertainment center since LAST December!

Cboy turned five this week, and Kbug helped decorate his birthday cake.  Can you tell what the obsession is at our house?

We bought Cboy a guitar for his birthday, and I love listening to him “practice.”  I didn’t tell him yet that chicks dig guitar players.  He’ll figure it out soon enough!

Dee and I managed a date night this week.  (Thank you, God, for Grammies!)  We went grocery shopping at Sam’s Club, and ate chicken at Chick-Fil-A.  How “old-married-couple-date” is THAT?  We had fun though, all by ourselves!  And I don’t think we talked about poopy diapers at all.

It SNOWED today!  I tried sledding with the kids, but Moosies wasn’t thrilled with the cold.  I had her bundled up like an Eskimo too!  Maybe tomorrow after church, we can try again.  I love this stuff…

I’d love to wake up tomorrow and be snowed home from church!  I’d much rather sled, build a snowman, and drink hot chocolate than drive in the car for two and a half hours.  More snow, please!

Birthday Letter


                                                                                            January 3rd, 2011

Dear Cboy,

Happy 5th Birthday!  I love you more than all the Mario Brother worlds ever invented.  You’re my fighter son, the one who would take on a hundred bad guys for me if you had to.  Even just for fun!

I enjoyed our date at Highline Coffee today, just you and me, sipping hot chocolate.  Sitting at five different tables, just so we could try them all out, was fun too!  I noticed how the first time we switched tables, it was because I mentioned that I liked the one by the window.  I noticed when you pushed the door open for me at Tony’s, and I noticed when you moved over on the couch to make room for CJ, because he wanted to sit with us.  You spent a long time with Moosies this morning, making her a nest of blankets to play in when she was sad.   And you gave me your last bite of  mint chocolate chip biscottii, because you know it’s my favorite!

I remembered that you’ve always been this way, a lover of people.  You love to surround yourself with us, your family, and you love to give to the people you love.  You wiggle yourself into our hearts, and stay there.  Cozy, snuggly, ever since you were born.  You still crawl into bed with me and fall asleep, the only one of my four kids that will!

And when you’re awake, the whole world wakes up too.  I’ve never met a boy so full of life!  Your passion and overwhelming energy is a gift, Cboy, and I hope you never lose it.  Even when Daddy and I get mad at you, don’t stop throwing your arms wide open to life.  Keep taking risks.  Keep doing cartwheels, and flips, and climbing to the very tippity-top of the trees.  I will always be scared for you, but I will try very hard to never stop you.

I love how your eyes twinkle when you grin.  That grin you first gave me when you were just three weeks old, as I was changing your diaper.  You’ve been grinning ever since!  My heart still lights up when you send that grin my way, and I want to capture forever that wild, joyful trust.

The world hasn’t hurt you yet, but it will.  I will cry, even if you don’t.  But don’t stop, don’t ever stop loving people!  Fight for them.  Be brave and courageous, and find your strength in God.  Man will fail you, but God never will.  Stay full of life, and love, and let others soak it up through you.  I love you!


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I do have bragging rights, after all!


If reading mushy stuff about my husband will make you queasy, stop reading.  Right now.  If you’re still reading, it’s not my fault that you get an earful of how wonderful my husband is!

You know how husbands are supposed to love their wives like Christ loves His bride, the Church?  Selflessly, unconditionally, sacrificially?  My husband makes it easy for me to catch a glimpse of Christ.

Last night I was complaining about a new mouth wrinkle.  “Mouth wrinkle” sounds kind of funny, and it took Dee a second to figure out what I meant.  I was fishing for affirmation, that I was still lovely and worth loving, and Dee never skipped a beat!  He cupped my face in his hands and kissed it all over.  He kept saying, “Mmm, that skin feels good… and that place feels good…”  Um, any more examples would be redundant.  He pulled me close and looked straight into my eyes as he said, “Babe, I married you knowing you would get old.  I can’t wait to get old with you!”

He tells me sweet things like that ALL the time!  One of my favorites ever was something recent.  He said, “Babe, you left me just enough heart to pump the blood through my body.”  Isn’t that adorable?  He’s so dramatic and corny, and I love it!

Those are all just words, not actions.  But God gives us sweet words, not just physical provision!

My man is definitely an action man.  (Yeah, I kind of made him sound like a super-hero there, ’cause he is.  A super-hero that also knows how to woo his girl with romantic words?  Oh yeah!  Move over, Jack Bauer.)  Dee rarely stops working!  One time he was telling his co-workers about plans for the weekend, or vacation time, and his boss said, “You’re really not the ‘sit-around’ type of guy, are you?”  He’s not.  If he’s not working on a project at our house, he’s helping his sisters at their houses, or doing something for his parents, or friends from church, or sometimes total strangers.  Dee is the kind of guy you want driving by if you have a flat tire.  Because he will stop!  And change your tire!

It’s little things, too, that make me fall in love every day.  Like letting me sleep in every single weekend, making me coffee, back rubs and foot rubs while we watch “24,” daily phone calls from work (just to say, “I love you!”), folding the covers back the way I like, picking up Legos, changing diapers and putting the kids to bed, setting out a fresh towel and washcloth for me, loading the dishwasher, keeping a fire going in the winter… *Sigh*


Not awesome like God, not perfect like God (I’d have twice as many posts if I wrote about our fights!), but he’s perfect for me.  I can’t wait to spend 2011 with him!

A pile of favorites


I asked my kids what they loved most about last year.  The favorites are…

Swimming.  This was Kbug’s answer, and I’m not surprised!  She’s always loved the water, and this summer she learned to swim.  If we had a pool, she would have been in it every single day!  We tried to get over to friends’ pools or the creek as much as possible.  I had to be really brave as I watched my little girl jump off the diving board into the deep end of the pool, or step off into the “swimming hole” part of the creek!

Sledding.  Cboy choose the fast-paced, possibly full-contact, adrenaline rush activity as his favorite!  Last winter we had mountains of snow.  I think even more snow than some places in New England!  My kids are hoping for that much snow this year, but history so far shows that we only get heaps of snow every ten years.  Maybe this year we’ll change history?

Presents.  My CJ loved opening presents this year.  What kid doesn’t?  When I asked him about his favorite thing to do last year, CJ yelled, “PRESENTS!” with a huge grin on his face. I couldn’t help but think, “HE knows how to live in the moment.  How to be intentional about life!”  Things I want to learn.  He can’t remember what we did twelve months ago, or even six (it’s in the past — who cares?), but he knows that he loves what we’re doing right now.

When I asked Moosies about her favorite thing, she pointed her finger at me and started jabbering.  She does love to talk!  Her other favorite thing right now is the movie “Annie,” with “Shrek” a close second.

Dee said he loved our trip to Massachusetts in September; visiting my family, and hanging out in New York City for a day.  I treasure those trips too.  This year, I loved getting to know Ben better, who will officially be my brother-in-law in three weeks!  From today!  Wahoo!

My favorites?  All the times we were together as a family.  Vague?  Maybe.  Cliche?  No way!  As a mom, I hold tight to the times my family is together.  It won’t always be this way!  I, too, loved the swimming, the sledding, and the trip to Massachusetts.  Our trip to the zoo, trip out to Ohio to visit my Grandma Mary, beach weekend with Dee’s family, playing kickball with my kids, throwing baseballs to Cboy, reading stories, library time, starting school with Kbug… nothing big, but everything important.

I’m NOT making resolutions!  I never do.  But this year there’s a “one word” deal going around.  I first caught wind of it at my friend Courtney’s blog.  Could I sum up everything I wanted to do and be in 2011 with just one word?  Thinking… I’m thinking… Nope!  Not happening!  It’s a great idea, but I want to be many words.  My top ten would be:

Intentional. Joyful. Loving. Patient. Peaceful. Obedient. Merciful. Wise. Grateful. Compassionate.

Sort of like an Apples to Apples description?  And a lot like God.