I’m taking all my sick days now!


Did anyone forget that I’m pregnant?  ‘Cause I didn’t!  I’ve been feeling lousy the past couple of days.  I had to clean my toilets just so I had a clean place to throw-up.  I felt (relatively) great in Massachusetts, so whoever was praying for me, please don’t stop!

I feel like eating constantly, but nothing sounds good.  And if I do eat, I might lose it again, so what’s the point?  But I’m growing a baby, so I have to eat.  But if I open up my fridge, the smell of pickles (which I bought for pregnancy cravings) makes me puke. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

Last night we got a bunch of snow.  I have no idea how many inches.  Maybe eight?  It was a heavy, sticky snow, so the trees are absolutely gorgeous!  I felt like getting out of the house, so we piled into the Suburban (love my 4wd truck!) and drove to… guesses anyone?… Starbucks of course!  (Did anyone miss that question?)  Iced coffee for me, and hot chocolate for the kids.  What?  Why iced?  Because I’m pregnant!  That’s why.  Don’t mess with a pregnant woman’s craving.

Cboy wanted to drive around and look at the snow-covered trees, so we did.  For over an hour!  I took as many back roads as I could, even exploring a bit, and the roads through the woods were by far the prettiest I’ve ever seen.  We drove by the airport too, at the boys’ request.  Moosies slept in the car, so that meant no nap at home.  And no nap for ME!  I forgot how totally exhausting it is to grow a little person and take care of already-born kids to boot!

It’s okay though. Don’t feel too bad for me, because we’re having fun around here!  And my nausea should only last another few weeks, since I’m already nine weeks pregnant.  (Okay, eight and five days.)  Kbug is already in love with this new baby.  She loves to make food for him (my guess), which I have to eat of course.  She also loves to look at online pictures of the baby’s growth and development week by week.  Science class!


About patchofheaven

"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. Awe! I’m so glad there is light at the end of the tunnel for the morning sickness. I’m jealous though! I usually don’t feel great till 22 weeks. Oh, and I’m not planning on repeating our past history of having every baby 3 months after you! But I am so happy for you:) I think the baby bug is starting to bite me just a liiiiitttle bit:).

  2. I didn’t even know you were pregnant until I received your inlaw’s Christmas letter last week. How did I miss that announcement!
    Anyway – Congratulations!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Congratulations and God Bless you through the next months. How awesome, nothing like a new creation! I can’t wait to hear your progress!
    Hugs and Aloha, Connie

  4. Ruth, I was praying for you during the wedding. I will add you to my prayers for normal living. I remember those first weeks when you hate eating and nothing sounds good. I survived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sometimes Cheerios, g. ale, and some fruit. I couldn’t stand anything else — including water. 🙂 Just think, with such a busy life, we’ll both be holding our babies in our arms! Can’t wait! 🙂

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