Green oatmeal and boiled beef


Okay, so who else ate corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day?  I didn’t — not this year!  I ate corned beef and cabbage once a year for twenty-two years, and that was enough.

I bought a hunk of corned beef eight March’s ago, right after I got married, just because it was tradition.  That hunk of meat sat in my freezer for a whole year and a half before I finally threw it in the trash!  I still love cabbage in just about any form, but the corned beef?  Not so much.

The tradition, I loved.  I didn’t mind eating the once-a-year boiled meat meal.  It was special, even then.  My family had traditions for just about every holiday, major and minor!  Mom was rather amazing about that kind of stuff.

Every March 17th morning, my mom would serve green oatmeal.  (These days she turns the half-and-half green, so the family drinks green coffee!)  We’d hang out curbside for the huge St. Patrick’s Day parade in Holyoke, and then drive to my grandparents’ house for the corned beef and cabbage meal.

I still always wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.  Always will, too!  I give you permission to pinch me if I don’t.  Other traditions, I have yet to develop.  I don’t even think my kids knew it was a special day today!  Tomorrow I plan to study the history of St. Patrick with Kbug, and maybe we’ll celebrate a day late with some green food.


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"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. I’ll tell you a secret- It wasn’t until I was married, eating at my in-laws house, that I first tasted corned beef!…Until then, I wasn’t missing anything! 😉
    My mom didn’t like it, so she never served it. My in-laws on the other hand love the stuff!

    My mom used to make us green oatmeal too…and green eggs, and anything else she could turn green! Those are some fun memories. 🙂

    • Your mom is really good about traditions too! All those fun little things add up to some pretty awesome childhood memories.

  2. We did a lot of fun stuff for holidays growing up, but never celebrated St. Patrick’s day. Not until I married my husband did I know people even celebrated it. We probably won’t, either, until we have kids. We did wear green and orange–an old school joke. We didn’t have the traditional meal, either–except every New Year’s, Mom would make Reubens. That’s the only way corned beef is good. 🙂

    • Alicia, I think there’s a parade in Hagerstown every year. We’ve never been, but I always want to. You should go next year, if you’re still in the area!

  3. I’ve never had corned beef. Have no desire to.

    I meant to do something green with the girls, but I forgot!!! It wasn’t until we took one girl to the dr. that I remembered it was St. Patty’s day!!! Next year….

  4. I love corned beef! but hate the cabbage. I haven’t had any corned beef since I’ve been married, as Seth can’t stand either the corned beef or the cabbage! One year my mom made green mashed potatoes. When scooped on our plate with an ice cream scoop it just made it taste very weird.

    I also forgot it was st. Patrick’s day this year until while we were out shopping Abigail asked why a woman had bright green hair! usually I wear something green too! not my hair though! that would be to Anne of Green Gablish. 🙂

    • Haha, this made me smile! Anne of Green Gables was my favorite movie for a long time. I watched it every year on my birthday, after we ate chicken potpie and apple pie! I was always proud of the fact that my name had an “Ann” in it too, even if it didn’t have an “e,” and even if it wasn’t my first name.

      We’ll have to get our heads together and do some fun stuff with our kiddos for St Patrick’s Day next year! (Green mashed potatoes sounds kinda cool…)

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