Why shopping with kids is crazy fun


Last night Dee was working late, I was feeling brave, so I took all four kids shopping.  We hit Wal-Mart, Starbucks (strapped in the car, so it doesn’t really count!), K-Mart and Tractor Supply.

The kids were good, but now I remember why I go out all by myself after Dee gets home!

I don’t get whiplash from all the, “Look Mommy!” shouts.  (Since I rarely take them shopping, the kids get really animated in stores!)

I don’t get my arm yanked off if I don’t look in time.

I don’t have to explain why the bikes are hanging from the ceiling.

I don’t have to figure out how to get all four kids through the bathroom at K-Mart.

And I can go pee, if I have to!   I don’t have to hold it in until we get home, worrying that if I sit down on the toilet my CJ will run outside.

My Starbucks bill is cheaper.

I don’t have to explain why I can turn right on red (never left or straight), but only if there’s no sign that says I can’t.  And even if the light is green, I should still make sure there aren’t cars going through red lights.  (Which no, they’re NOT allowed to do!)

I don’t have to sing “Hokey Pokey” or “Farmer In the Dell.”  Unless I want to.

I don’t have to put shoes on, again, at every stop!

I don’t have to freak out if I forgot the diapers and wipes.

Or if I can’t see one of my four little heads…

…Or I just don’t like the looks of somebody.

It’s not bad, shopping with kids, just crazy.  If you’ve never taken a passle of kids shopping, you’re missing out!  It’s kinda fun.  Because really, if you don’t take the kids, you won’t stop to see the fishies, or pet the ducklings, or get to sip left-over hot chocolate.

Wal-Mart was easy, just picked up flea collars to replace the over-priced ones that Dee bought at Tractor Supply and K-Mart.  (Actual grocery shopping? I probably wouldn’t have braved it.)  We did get some food items, too… but hey, I’m pregnant!  That’s an excuse for everything these days.

K-Mart was exciting just because we never go there, and they had MICKEY MOUSE!  Just little stuffed Micky and Minnie mouses, but it’s Moosies’ obsession right now.

(My big kids’ obsession right now is Pillow Pets.  They don’t have one, but really, really, REALLY want one!  Or two or three.  I don’t get it, the Pillow Pet thing.  Does anyone else have kids attached to Pillow Pets?)

At K-Mart, I thought I just had to return a flea collar.  But then CJ had to go pee.  “I have to go pee!” coming from a three-year-old means, “Take me pee NOW, or you better hope there’s a change of undies and jeans in the car!”  And that started the whole public bathroom adventure.   (Which is always in the very back of the store!  Past ALL the toys!)

Tractor supply was the best.  My honey met us there!  Dee returned the last flea collars, lugged around the 50lb bag of rabbit feed, and made sure CJ didn’t drive off with any of the lawn mowers he was trying out.  I just stood with Moosies by the little ducklings and chicks, and wished we could scoop them all up and take them home!

As Dee and I were kissing in the parking lot before heading home, Cboy yelled, “Mom, you’re going to get crushed!”  He’s still working out how to use that word in a sentence.  You know, when a girl likes a guy?  Or the other way around?  He meant I liked Daddy — a lot!


About patchofheaven

"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet reminder of those days. Yes, one day they will be sweet memories for you, too! I love the glimpses into your life. Have a blessed day!!

  2. Yesterday, I got to go shopping (5 stops) with only two kids. Wow! Is that ever easier! 🙂 I did have one very grumpy boy who threw a fit in a store or two. I dealt with that, and the rest of the time was much improved. It was fun, and the boys got to help me pick out a new pair of shoes. 🙂

  3. I still go shopping with all three of mine every week. Not sure what I will do yet when number 4 is born. I haven’t had the heart to go without them yet as they all LOVE it!! especially the girls, but Nathaniel really seems to like it too! It’s the highlight of their week! Every now and then we squeeze in a trip to the pet store to look at all the animals, and that’s always super fun!

    • That’s really special, Elizabeth. Your kids will always remember those fun shopping days with mom! I’ve started taking one kid with me fairly often, like tonight Kbug and I are shopping for Moosies birthday on Friday!

  4. Wow! Just stopping a minute to feel a pang of wistfulness for a country that has Starbucks, Walmart & Kmart all close enough to drive to in one night! Mixed with a little thrill of thankfulness that I don’t have to make the decision whether to go or not, or deal with all those choices… ahhh, mixed feelings. The story of my life. Love you! Love your life, love your kids!

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