My not-so-great eating and drinking habits.


I had to rescue my sister-in-law yesterday.  She’s such a cute damsel in distress!  Her car wouldn’t start, so I packed the kids in the car, picked Erin up in the ACT II parking lot, and drove her home.  (Seven minutes away.)  I was a little bit jealous that gone are my days of spending the morning shopping!

After we dropped her off, I figured I already went through the effort of getting all the kids peed and shoed and in the car, so why not run errands?  We stopped at the post office to mail a late wedding RSVP.  I can’t believe my kids are old enough to argue about whose turn it is to drop the mail in the box!  I let my kids get out of the car and go to the mailbox by themselves?!

My boys found a trench/culvert thing to climb in, and found a bunch of dirty rubber bands.  You never know where treasure awaits!  And yes, I let them keep the filthy treasure.  Germs are good for the immune system, I hear.

Greencastle Coffee Roasters is right next to the post office, so the kids convinced me that fresh roasted peanuts would be the perfect snack.  And Oh My were they good!  Still hot, fresh out of the roaster.  The peanut ladies were even better!  One girl let my kids dip their hands in the peanut barrel to sample a freshly roasted peanut.  (Remember, germs are good — we’re helping other people get healthy…)  The other lady was my favorite.  She gushed, “Wow, you have four kids?  How is that?”  She was even more in awe of me when I told her I was also pregnant.   (She couldn’t see my belly, under the checkout counter.)  She came around the counter and told my kids they were so well-behaved, and “Do you always listen to your mom?”  Then when I turned to leave the store, she said “And you’re still so SLIM!”  I’m thinking, Okay, yes!  I will come buy more peanuts  — lots of them!

I can’t say I snacked so healthily the rest of the day.  I ate a big pile of potato chips, and then Dee brought me home TWO Starbucks frappuccinos!  (NO!  I didn’t drink them both!)  I’d been wanted to try the coconut mocha one, but wasn’t sure I’d like it.  So Dee also bought me my old standby — the peppermint java chip.  I didn’t like the coconut one, so I fed it to the kids.  I’m nice and sharing like that.

I had a meatball sub supper packed up and ready to go when Dee got home, and we took the kids and food to City Park for a picnic.  All the ducklings and goslings were adorable!  The baby groundhogs too, whatever they’re called.  We got rained on, which was probably the most fun of all, and ran back to the Suburban which Dee started driving the wrong way home Well, just a long way home, by way of Krumpe’s Donuts.  See?  I told you I totally blew my healthy pregnancy diet yesterday!

At least I’m drinking lots of water.  Trying to anyway!  Sometimes it’s hard to remember to turn on the faucet and get a drink.  I’d much rather pour liquid from a coffee pot!  BUT, two midwife visits in a row I got yelled at for having too-low blood pressure.  One time, it read 70 something over 50 something, and Rosie basically told me my kidney’s would shut down if it stayed that low.  Kinda bad.  Plus, I could go into premature labor from being dehydrated.  Also bad.  At my midwife appointment last week, I checked in with 90/58, which is average for me.  Rosie said it’s still low, but acceptable.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, I did get a late Mother’s Day card!  (Actually just a regular, lovey-dovey, romantic card — that he also WROTE in — since all the Mother’s Day cards were already stashed away for next year.)  Me and Dee did have that little chat I mentioned.  I was very proud of myself for expressing my extreme gratefulness for the year-round cherishing he does, but also a desire to feel extra special on special days!  And then we broke his mom’s dishwasher.  His fault.  He was trying to grab me.

P.S.  Moosies just told me, “That’s water coming out,” as I was getting her a drink at the kitchen sink.  How does she know I need help?


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  1. Peed and shoed, that’s what we do before we go out, now that we are old…LOL! So love your posts, what a great mommy, yes, germs are good!
    Aloha, Connie

    • Thanks! Me and Kbug were having a discussion about this in the park bathroom. I thought they were kits, and Kbug thought they were cubs. =)

  2. Great job on staying slim!! I’m trying to drink lots of water too. Right now I am having major food aversions. All my favorite foods? Yuck. It’s driving me crazy! 🙂

  3. Too funny! I could imagine myself having this day alot (as I just put my kids to bed with dirty hands and faces from the ball park….a little dirt never hurt anyone, right??? :o)

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