Monthly Archives: June 2011

My own little celebrities! (And no, this fifth one is not due soon.)


So, the Echo Pilot in Greencastle did publish that picture of my kids.  Here’s the link…

If you notice the weed on the ground in the picture, that was the work of my kids.  Guess I’ve trained them well!  They were pulling up weeds in the flower beds around town.  It’s a habit.  I remember one time when we went to eat out at Tony’s, they stopped to pull up weeds in front of the pizzeria.  Cboy was especially appalled at the state of their flower beds, and I had to assure him that Tony’s would pay someone to pull up the weeds!  We could just go eat pizza.

You might also notice, in this picture, that only one of Kbug’s eyes is visible.  She needs a haircut!  Bad!  Maybe I’ll bring clippers to Ohio and give all the kids haircuts.  (Ha.  On vacation?  Probably not!)

I went shopping this morning to buy food for our Ohio trip.  (We leave tomorrow.  My kids have never been so eager to go to bed!)  We always bring lots and lots, and lots and LOTS of food on car trips.  Survival at all costs!  Gummy bears and chocolate bars help us all feel better.

The cashier at Martin’s Bulk Foods gave me my first pregnancy comment to laugh about.  (Or groan, whichever mood strikes me!)  As she was ringing up my stock-pile of food, she said, “If you don’t mind me saying so, you look just as uncomfortable as my daughter.”  Come to find out, her daughter is being induced tomorrow.  I’m thinking, “Lady, I still have three whole months to go!”  And then she told me that this is technically her daughter’s second child.   Her daughter’s first baby was delivered stillborn at 36 weeks.  Why do people tell terrible, sad stories to pregnant women?  Doesn’t she know that moms worry more the more pregnancies they have?  Not less?  But she was just making polite conversation, so I smiled and nodded and asked pertinent questions.  Grandma’s can’t help talking about children and grandchildren!