Of camping and collarbones


My dirty laundry pile from camping is just about gone.  Kind of sad!  I sniff all the clothes before I throw them in the wash, just to catch a last whiff of Indian Hollow.  Campfires, sunshine, water, sweat (I don’t miss that), bare feet, doughboys, glow sticks, flashlight tag, mosquitos (don’t miss them either), kids running wild, family, friends… I can’t wait until next year!

Dee totally surprised me by announcing that he’s planning on camping at Indian Hollow again.  My husband is not a camping man!  Of course Indian Hollow is special, but I thought maybe that was only because it’s my old stomping grounds.  My parents started camping there 31 years ago, when Mom was pregnant with me.  And every year since that long ago 1980, my family has spent a week every summer at Indian Hollow.  My childhood memory bank is full of Indian Hollow, but I wasn’t sure my husband and own children would fall in love quite as deeply with a campground as I did.  But no worries!  They’re in love too, falling quite nicely I’d say.  I’m super excited to be starting a whole new generation of Indian Hollow camping.

Maybe next year we can squeak by with no accidents though?  Moosies fell off a picnic table bench and broke her collarbone while we were there.  That was last Thursday afternoon, while we were celebrating my brother Andrew’s birthday.  We all felt SO bad for her!  Dee and I took her to the local ER, where an X-ray showed she had an “acute left clavicle fracture.”  We decided to stick out the rest of the week though, and Moosies did exceptionally well.  We kept her drugged up on Tylenol and Advil, and except for one night, she did extremely well sleeping!  Even naps, on the ground! And she played the days away like nothing ever happened.  Like she hadn’t just broken a bone.  Somebody suggested we mark an “X” on her neck so that WE would remember she was hurt.

Even now, just a week later, I have to yell at Moosies to stop running, and jumping, and climbing.  Will she just sit still and watch a movie?  No.  In some ways she’s an ideal patient, and then on the other hand she’s just awful!   I can’t make her be still!  But I’d rather have a cheerful, high-pain-tolerant child than a moaner and complainer.  Today she begged and begged to jump on the trampoline, so I let her climb up with Andrew, and told her to jump just a tiny bit, and be careful.  Andrew also told her to be careful, and jump close to him, and she said, “NO Andrew!  You go over there!”  See?  Bad patient.

Yep, we dragged Andrew home with us from Massachusetts!  No, actually, he volunteered.  (He’s so nice!)  Just to help out with the kids, canning/freezing season, and finishing off the basement with Dee.  Andrew’s been super busy painting, shucking/cleaning/cooking corn to freeze, taking the kids for walks, feeding them lunch, taking them swimming, bouncing them on the trampoline, telling them stories, helping with the dishes, unpacking, letting me nap, and babysitting the kids so I can run errands.  He even folds laundry and helps the kids put it away.  Isn’t he AWESOME?!


And… I’m back.  It’s 1:00am.  I would have posted this a while ago, but Moosies woke up coughing and threw up all over her bed, herself, and me.  So now we’ve both showered, clean sheets are on the bed, Vicks and cough syrup administered, several drinks and tucking-ins also, the grapes/cucumber/cheese chunky vomit washed down the sinks, sinks scrubbed, laundry started, Kbug tucked in next to me on the couch since she woke up with a bad dream… and I think I’ll just leave the unfinished vacuuming and dirty dishes in the sink.  After all, it is 1:00am.


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"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. Yeah, another family who loves the Hollow! Sure glad that you all made the trip and are even excited about the thought of coming back next year. Some folks can’t understand how sleeping on the ground in a tent can contribute to fond camping memories. Thanks family for coming! Thanks Linda for saving the vacation! Thanks God, weather and river conditions were perfect!

  2. Poor Moosies! I can’t believe what a tough girl she is. I love that you have such a great tradition! What great memories. And, I’d totally like to borrow your brother when you’re done with him. How helpful!

    Hopefully your Moosies is feeling better soon.

  3. Ruth, Sounds like an awesome time! Sorry about Moosies though. Andrew is an amazing brother! Tell him we all wish we had an “Andrew” as a brother. 🙂 Enjoy him, Ruth!

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