Blessings heaped high


Okay, so I’m a little spoiled right now.  Again.  Maybe a lot spoiled!  My brother Andrew left on Monday, after three weeks of working like a HORSE on our basement.  BUT, my sister Anna is here in his place!  For up to six weeks!  Wahoo!  See?  Spoiled.  I feel kinda bad.  I don’t want her to come just because I have crazy nesting instincts!  But even if we just visit for the next couple of weeks until Baby’s born, that’s fine with me!  I’ll really miss Anna once she gets married.  Hey, that’s an idea… secretly scare away any prospective suitors…

(Um, Anna?  Don’t read this post.)

Maybe “blessed” is a better word.  I am extremely blessed!  I’m surrounded by love and grace, and I’m trying to notice.

My mom washed my windows and helped me clean and organize my new basement kitchen while she was here over the weekend.

Anna and Andrew scrubbed out my fridge from top to bottom.  And speaking of Andrew again, there is NO WAY we’d be ready for carpet TODAY if he hadn’t come down to help Dee for three weeks!

That’s right, my carpet is coming today!  I’m so excited, I have to laugh at myself.  I’ve never had carpet before.  The rest of my house is hardwood floors or ceramic tile, and I can’t wait to sink my bare feet into the shaggy rug me and Dee picked out!  If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d probably roll around and do somersaults, just to feel the softness.  I’ll just watch the kids do it for me, I guess!  Hurry up, carpet people, I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for you!

And the biggest blessing?  My Cboy prayed with Anna last night, and asked Jesus into his heart.  There really is no greater joy as a parent than to know that your child has decided to follow Jesus!  Anna said they talked about God and heaven for a long time as she was tucking him in bed, and Cboy started out his prayer with, “God, can You take me to heaven with you?”  What a joy it will be to see him there!

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law made me a whole batch of pizza sauce yesterday.

My friend Heather invited us over for a delicious pancake and sausage breakfast this morning.

My grass is green again, because we’ve been blessed with rain again.  Lots and lots of beautiful rain!

The air is cooler, and my favorite time of year is creeping around the corner.  I wish we could live in September and October all year long!

My kids love me, and it’s hard to forget when all four of them pile on top of me and my big belly on the couch, and cover me and Baby with hugs and kisses.

When CJ strokes my arm and says, “You’re so beautiful!”  (Yes, this from my almost-four-year-old!)

When Moosies throws her arms around my neck and asks for another song, more rocking.

When the kids ask me to come watch their tricks on the trampoline (PLEASE don’t tell our insurance company!), or spread out a blanket and watch for shooting stars after the sun sets.  (Yes, Dad, I know it’s technically an “earth-turn.”)

Or when they bring me handfuls of weeds and wildflowers, maybe prettier than the flowers I plant by hand and then cry about when they die.

Most of the dirt is still there.  It won’t ever go away, will it?  Dee’s always saying he can’t wait until life slows down so he can relax more.  I always tell him, “Life will never slow down.  It’s how we deal with the busy moments, and the stress, and can we pull away and pause awhile?”  It’s a good thing my man tells me the same thing in his own words when I lose sight of peace and rest.


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  1. Love what you had to say; needed reminded to count my many blessings. Made me cry when I read about Cory asking “God, can You take me to heaven with you?”.

  2. Beautifully spoken. Ruth this would be wonderful to read over when you’re having a down day. I agree, this a great reminder to count your blessings. Hey, I second what you said about Anna, just kidding. Though I hope you can spare her on occasion, my Anna time has been much too short. Praise God, and welcome to the family Cboy!!

  3. Ruth, that’s fabulous about Cboy! Congrats!!! Give him a huge hug for us.

    Jonathan got Derek’s message. He’ll be in touch. Wish we could see you guys soon! So busy here!!!

    Okay, we all wish we were a part of your family! You are blessed with very sweet and helpful siblings! 🙂

  4. Ruth, you make me laugh and cry all at the same time. As I read your post, I am transported back to those wonderful childhood years, the things your babies do are the things my babies did…omg and yes, CBoy….how completely awesome! Blessed assurance! Enjoy your carpet, your sister, and the “twilight” time of pregnancy! Will visit soon, Blessings on you, Connie

  5. I love your posts! Such wonderful blessings. For me, sometimes it’s just a matter of taking the time to stop and appreciate my blessings. I loved the story about Cboy following Jesus and CJ telling you you’re beautiful. Beautiful and a great mom. 🙂

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