School’s here! And Baby’s not.


No, the earthquake didn’t send me into labor.  I thought maybe, with a shift in the earth… But I guess since I didn’t feel anything, Baby didn’t feel anything either.  My sister felt it (in the same house as me), my husband felt it at work, my neighbors had stuff falling off shelves, and my family up in Massachusetts felt the tremors.  But me?  I totally missed it.   So Baby missed it too.  Baby missed the full moon clues last week too!  My midwife said all the other women due in early September have already delivered.  Isn’t that nice?

I could be jealous and say, “Lucky them,” but I’m not so sure I’m ready for Baby yet!  Of course whenever Baby comes I’ll be thrilled, but, I don’t even have my hospital bag packed yet!  I should get a move on, huh?  And Baby’s bed isn’t set up, and I haven’t scrubbed down every square inch of my room.  (I decided the rest of the house was impossible!)  But my kitchen cupboards ARE clean!  Thanks to my sister, the angel, my hero.

Oh, and I’d really, really like to get some baby belly photos.  I had a pregnancy photo shoot done with my first four kids, and I know I’ll be sad if I don’t have belly pictures of Baby #5.  Like, I would cry!  Maybe that’s the main thing holding my body back from going into labor, this need-to-happen photo shoot.

Some days I even forget that Baby is due next Saturday!  Yes — NEXT SATURDAY!  (When I do remember, I get super excited!)  Life is just SOOOO busy around these parts.  I started school with Kbug and Cboy this week.  CJ begs to do school too.  I know I should capitalize on his eagerness, but I usually say, “No, you can’t do school right now.  Go play in the basement.”  (I know. cringe.  Bad Mommy!)  I have NO idea what homeschooling with a new baby will be like, but I’m expecting chaotic days and lots of tears.  I’m not sure we’ll even be finished at a decent time of late May or early June next spring…

On the futuristic days when I share these tears, somebody please remind me that instilling a love of learning in my kids is more important than checking off catagories on my academic checklist!

And somebody remind me that God’s strength is available, and is made perfect in my weakness.  I mean for real, is there any mom out there who has 5 small children, homeschools, cooks healthy meals, keeps her house clean, keeps her husband and kids happy (and well-behaved), and does it all perfectly?  (If you do know someone like this, please don’t tell me their name.)

Sleepless nights are coming too, along with the chaotic days.  I’m just excited that NBC has such great evening shows lined up for this fall.  Like, for example, a third season of “PARENTHOOD!”  Yes!!!  “Excited” doesn’t even justly describe my feelings about watching more Braverman drama.

Speaking of chaos and drama, I think I hear a child screaming.  Wait.  That’s the teakettle.  I’ve started to drown myself in red raspberry leaf tea, hoping to speed labor up and slow the after-labor pains down.  I have a midwife appointment tomorrow, and I’m anxious to hear Rosie’s theories on what my body’s doing and what baby feels like right now.  Last week, Rosie said that Baby felt like another big baby.  Sigh… so much for my wish for at least one teeny-tiny newborn!  Baby must be trying to beat Moosies’ record of 9lbs, 3oz.

Oh, you know what I forget more than Baby’s near arrival?  My oldest daughter’s birthday!  Kbug turns 7 next Saturday, Septemeber 3rd.  Yes, same day that Baby is due.  Kbug says she wants the baby to be born on her birthday, but I think if I had my ‘druthers, I’d choose for all my kids to have their own special birthday.  No sharing.

I still have to do more birthday shopping for Kbug, and plan a special party for her… And once again, may I point out that my life is never quiet and dull.  Happy chaos reigns here!


About patchofheaven

"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. hey, on the baby belly shot, you know, i bet you have a willing picture taker in your sister. and she’s good! you know, it might not be PERFECT, like a studio shot would be, but you’ll have the pictures and the memories, and things don’t have to be perfect, right, to be enjoyed. =D

    • Aaron, yeah, I think Anna and I are going to try for a photo shoot later today! As long as the rain behaves. I loved the pictures she took of Ben and Esther. I might have her take newborn pictures too, as soon as the baby comes. Not that she *wouldn’t* be taking pictures, if I didn’t ask her. You know Anna and her camera!

  2. I’ve been thinking about you in the past couple of days, now I know why…I knew baby was near, but didn’t realize this near! Yay, how exciting! My youngest daughter has 5, the youngest is 1, oldest is 11 and her 7 year old is autistic! She doesn’t homeschool like you (and like I did for her) however, she is fortunate that the school her kids go to is literally in her back yard! Her big and lofty goal is to get a nap in every day….and that’s it…LOL! Praying for you! Everything is going to be wonderful!
    Blessings! Connie

  3. Will keep you in my prayers as Number 5 soon arrives! It will be fun. Funny, though, my best friend had her #5 in April, 2 days after her eldest’s 7th birthday. So, maybe your #5 will come on September 5. 🙂 (And, oh, 9 pounds is nothing. My baby brother was 12 pounds even! And he hasn’t stopped growing since….)

  4. Every time I think my life is busy, I just read your blog. Really exciting about Baby coming soon – I can’t believe it’s just around the corner! And really wanting some of your ideas about homeschooling, especially preschool… I really should be starting Will on something this fall, and apart from a few alphabet workbooks I don’t have anything organized. What are you using for Cboy?

  5. Nope- That perfect person of whom you spoke- she doesn’t exist!(I’m sure of it!) And just in case you were worried, I don’t think it’s possible to mess up kindergarten and 1st/2nd grade, so even if you don’t get a whole lot of bookwork accomplished, you should be safe 😉 Love you!

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