Waiting busily! (Is that an oxymoron?)


No baby yet!  But I do have permission, from Dee’s boss, to go into labor any time now.  Dee had a big commercial job to unload today, with multiple truckloads of roofing material arriving every 45 minutes.  He’s the only driver that could do it from our branch, so his boss really wanted him to be available today!

Now that job is done, and I can tell it’s a load off of Dee’s mind.  He kept calling me today, after he was done, asking, “Sooo… How are you feeling?”  I’m thinking, “No, Dear, I have NOT gone into labor yet!”  But I was just polite and said, “I’m fine.”  Because I am.  No contractions, nothing.  Which is fine, because I haven’t even reached my due date yet!  I’m happy to have Baby stay in until he’s strong and healthy and ready to face the world.

Dee’s been super sweet recently, helping me get stuff done before Baby comes.  Monday night he put new cabinets in our bedroom closet, which now looks amazing!  I’ve been throwing stuff out like CRAZY!  All over the house.  This afternoon I finally dropped off the whole Suburban load of junk things at a thrift store.  It felt good to get everything not just out of the house, but off the property!  The nice people at the thrift store were very grateful.  I don’t know if it was genuine.

(Side note:  You know how little boys usually want to be like their Daddy when they grow up?  It’s hilarious in our family.  EVERY. single. time we pass a dumpster, all the kids shout, “Mommy!  Mommy!  A dumpster!  Can we dive into it like Daddy?  PLEEEASE?!!”  I mean, who dreams of dumpster-diving?  Maybe I should say “yes” one of these days.  At least we’d get free food from the Taco Bell dumpster!   Annnyyyyhoo….  At the thrift store today, Cboy decided he WAS going dumpster-diving, and proceeded to bloody his toe all up trying to jump from the hood of the Suburban into the thrift store dumpster.  Dangerous work, I tell you!)

Dee’s also been letting me get out to shop and run last-minute, before-Baby errands.  He had the day off work on Monday, and instead of working on his projects, he sent me and Anna shopping while he watched the kids.  AND did school with Kbug and Cboy!  While watching a two-year-old and a three-year-old!  I was properly impressed and appreciative.  And, I was properly appreciated when I returned home Monday afternoon.  I asked how school went, and Dee said, “Good… But next year, they’re going to PUBLIC school!!!”  Oh yeah.  I’m thinking he’ll be bringing home lots of compliments and Starbucks home to me this school year!

Tuesday evening we hung out with friends, and tonight we took the kids swimming.  It’s been nice to take a break from projects, and just kick back with our kids.  This morning, my three youngest kids piled in bed with me for half an hour, and I soaked up every precious minute!  I can’t wait until they have a baby brother or sister to come and cuddle with in the mornings.  This little baby is entering the world with a ready-made fan club!

So come on, little one, we’re all anxious to meet you!


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  1. So sweet! Can’t wait to hear of Baby’s safe arrival! Praying for you, Ruth! It’s so refreshing to hear how normal your family is! Well, maybe “normal” isn’t the correct choice of word. I mean, having four kids and expecting a fifth is hardly normal. Neither is it to be so happy and contented with them all. 🙂 Your husband gets words of praise from us. Great job! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear all is going well, how differently we feel about the baby’s coming after we have had several..lol! I love the public school comment…too funny! Always good to have the level of appreciation given a little boost. Take care sweet lady, and yes you are in my prayers.

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