No, we’re not done yet!


(September 14th, 2011, around 6:00pm)

My babiest boy is a week old today!

Dee and I had recently arrived at the hospital this time a week ago, and I was hooked up to a machine that monitors the heartbeat and contractions.  (The lack of machines is one thing I would love about a home birth!)  I was 5 centimeters dilated when we arrived, and even though we were only at the hospital for 4 1/2 hours until Zach was born, that was a long 4 1/2!

I’m glad it’s over.  Labor and delivery is HARD!  I’ve given birth to all 5 of my babies naturally, without pain medication.  But in the moment, I always moan to Dee, “Are you SURE I can do this without an epidural?”  My sweet husband always tells me he knows I can do it, but that I can have an epidural if I want one.  Good answer!  He passed the test.  And then usually, by the time we’re done talking about it, I’m almost fully dilated and ready to push the baby out.

And I’d do it all again, yes.

Yes, for those wondering, I think we’ll have more kids.  I LOVE my children!  I can’t imagine being done yet.  Now, if you’d been a fly on the wall in the hospital, you would have heard me tell Dee, “Let’s have five kids.  Five is good!”  But that was moments after pushing a head and fist, and the rest of a 8 lb, 10 oz little body into the world!

It always makes me mad when I go to the hospital to have a baby, and the nurse doing the “questioning” asks if I want my tubes tied.  I know it’s a mandatory question.  They probably have to ask the women with 1 kid and the women with 5 kids the same question, but it still makes me mad!  But I usually only get mad on the inside, so the nurse only sees me smile politely and say “No,” while I’m thinking, “NO!  I DON’T want my tubes tied!  I chose to get pregnant with all of my kids, and you’ll probably see me at this hospital again in a year or two.  So there.”

Why would I want my tubes tied when I can have another one of these…

We’ve been rocking a lot, me and Zach, in front of the kitchen radio.  By the window with the pink roses outside.  We sway to country music, since I assume that’s his favorite!  He’s been listening to it for 9 months.  Yesterday, the song “High Cost of Living” came up.  It’s a sweet lullaby tune, good for rocking babies to, but such a sad song for too many people.  I was thinking how so extremely grateful I am that we can have 5 kids, plan to have more, and afford to put diapers on their butts and food in their bellies!  Even so many of our wants and wishes are met, not just our needs.   I love being a mom, and I love knowing that I have the rest of my life to “mother” my 5 kids.  (Sorry, kids!)


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  1. GORGEOUS pictures! Congratulations Ruth & Derek – Zachary is another gift from God! (Great name choice, too… We thought about that name for Benjamin!) You always sound so incredibly happy, grateful and at peace, Ruth… such a challenge and encouragement to me. I love you and miss you! Can’t wait for our turn to meet little Zach. Love, Carolyn

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