Alone again


Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Scratch that.  “Alone” isn’t the right word!  Not with my five beautiful children living here, and that husband of mine I keep falling in love with…

What I meant was, I’ve had a sibling living with me since late July.  (I know!  A long time.  Believe me, I knew all along I was being very spoiled.  Almost like Angelina and her four nannies!  Almost.)  But everyone left on Monday to head back to Massachusetts, their real home, and now it’s just me and my brood.  I think Megan considers our house “home” to some of her Massachusetts relatives.  Andrew came back down with my mom and dad last week, and when Megan saw him walk in the door she yelled, “Andrew’s home!”

I was okay with everyone leaving until Anna hugged me and said, “I love you.”  Then I cried.  I am seriously going to miss that girl!  I miss the rest of my family too of course, but Anna’s special.  She was “my” baby, born when I was 11 years old.  We spent a lot of time together, her and I, those 19-going-on-20 years ago!  She’ll always be attached to a special heartstring of mine!

We haven’t been doing a whole lot around here!  Just surviving.  I mean that in a good way, not a bad way.  We’re doing what’s necessary, not much else!  You know, like eating, sleeping (when possible, always interrupted), school with Kirstyn and Cory… and I nurse, change, and rock Zach.  On repeat cycle.  The dirty casserole dish from last night’s supper is still sitting on the table.  We did school around it.  My hamper is overflowing with dirty clothes, my carpet needs to be vacuumed, and I see dust bunnies congregating.  They’re making a whole rabbit warren.  But I keep telling myself, “This is good.  This is okay.”  And it is okay!  I’m glad I’ve had babies before.  I knew I’d be overwhelmed!  But I also knew that this in-over-my-head, pass-me-your-shoulder-because-I’m-going-to-cry-again part of life with a newborn will pass quickly.  In just a few short months, I’ll be staring at Zach, saying, “Remember when we brought him home from the hospital?  How tiny is was?  He’s getting so big…”

He really is getting big!  His two-week checkup was today, and I found out he’s 9lbs, 12 oz now.  He’s put on over a pound in just two weeks!  Yeah, now I wouldn’t brag about that, but for a baby, that’s pretty impressive.  He’s also grown an inch and a half.  I’m going to have a whole houseful of tall, strapping boys !  (Even my daughters will probably be taller than me.  It won’t take much!)

I also found out today that Zach has thrush for sure.  I knew there was a reason I felt like screaming in pain every time he nursed!  Cameron and I had thrush… not fun.  With Cameron, I fought the thrush without medication.  I cut out all sugar, dairy (except yogurt), wheat, and fruit, and made sure Cameron and I took probiotics like crazy.  It took maybe three weeks to get rid of the thrush?  But I don’t have three weeks this time!  I have too much else going on.  I’m getting on meds!


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  1. I didn’t leave enough casserole dishes on the table when you all were little! The poem on the plaque in your mud room by the washer could be penmanship practice for Kbug and then you could post it in lots of places in the house.

  2. Sounds weird – but I did it with both O and H – mixture of apple cider vinegar and water – I forget the ratio, but they’re both common things and aren’t weird, so you won’t get hurt, no matter what amounts you use. Any way. mix them, keep it in a little dish and use a cotton ball to wipe each *umm, can I say that word in a comment???? I know. I’ll say the cow part* – teat *L* *L* Anyway. use a new cotton ball on each breast. before and after milking. I mean nursing! *L* You’ll want to air dry a bit, but that doesn’t take long. It stings a bit, especially when the thrush is still there – but when the thrush goes away, it just feels cccooooold.

    So glad to hear that things are normal at your house! 🙂

    • Thanks, Karen! I might just try that. I’m willing to try anything! I filled Zach’s prescription, but then couldn’t bring myself to give it to him after reading the long list of possible side effects. I’ve been taking lots of garlic capsules and vitamin C with all the probiotics I’m taking, I’m giving Zach a baby probiotic powder on his tongue, and I’m trying olive oil mixed with tea tree oil and grapefruit seed oil on my, um… teats. =) Apparently, I’m supposed to go topless and get lots of sunshine too? haha!

  3. Okay, now you made me cry…not about the thrush, but about your family…lol! Do take care and yes, leave the dishes, dust bunnies, they’re not going anywhere (shucks)! Now that my kids are grown and I have grand kids teens to babes (10 of them whee!) my house is right back to where you are..full circle! Too many craft projects, grand kids sports, school events, volunteer events…so my dishes are waiting for me too…and the beat goes on!

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