My not-so-difficult-as-I’d-like-to-think Life


My boy, he’s been cranky.  I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a rough couple of days.  Zach fusses when he’s awake, and he doesn’t drift off to sleep so easily.  After four super-easy babies, I am so afraid that I’m going to have a colicky baby!  It’s one of my biggest fears right now, because I don’t know how to handle a “difficult” baby.

I’m still ruling stuff out.  Tomorrow morning, I’m taking Zach to the chiropractor.  Since he was born with his arm and hand up by his head, maybe he pinched a nerve or something.  I’ll know after tomorrow!  (I have never in my entire life been to a chiropractor.  If this works, I will be a new follower!)

Maybe the thrush is bothering him.  I kinda doubt it, because I think his mouth looks really clear.  There’s nothing on his tongue, and just a few white spots on his cheek.  Which might be milk spots, not thrush.  And not once, since he was born, has he refused to nurse or fussed while nursing.

My thrush?  It’s still there.  One side worse than the other.  (Weird, right?)  But at least I only feel like crying while he’s nursing on one side!  But if my children, poor dears, try to snuggle close to Zach or talk to me while he’s nursing on that side, well…

The thrush has receded, I think, but I’d like it to be GONE!  I’m picking up gentian violet at the drug store tomorrow.  I’m going to paint me and Zach purple and be done with it once and for all!  I hope.  A lot of people have told me that this stuff really works.  Even the doctor who was seeing Cameron when he and I had thrush a few years ago told me about it.  (Almost four years ago!  I can’t believe Cameron’s that old already!)  It’s a natural treatment, so that makes me feel better about using it.

I have been eating yogurt like crazy, and taking tons of supplements.  Oh, and painting Zach’s Nystatin on me.  It’s sticky stuff!  I didn’t take any supplements today, and I honestly think Zach has been more calm today than he has been for a while.  Maybe I was overdosing a little too much?  It would’ve been interesting to test my breast milk.

Maybe my boy’s just a smart cookie.  He knew that Mommy’s “Parenthood” show was on tonight, and that he’d better sleep in his bed for at least a tiny bit!

He’s been sleeping on me at night,  all night long, and I am so tired of sleeping sitting up in my bed!  This morning he woke up bright and early at 5:30, compared to his normal anywhere from 7:00-9:00am wake-up time.  I was so tired it wasn’t even funny.  But then Dee made me coffee before he left for work, I read my Bible and prayed for my kids before they woke up, and then when they did wake up, Zach was back asleep so I put a movie on and conked out on the couch for a bit.  (This kind of sleep is always fitful, because I have to get up numerous times to supply my kids with peanut-butter graham crackers and drinks of water.)

Around 9:00am, my mother-in-law came down to see if I needed any help.  She knew Zach had been fussy yesterday evening, so thought maybe I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep.  Isn’t she amazing?!!  She watched Zach and the other kiddos while I took a shower (and shaved!), and then she took everyone but Zach up to her house for pretty much the rest of the day!  She even did school with them.  *Sigh*…  I have it pretty easy, huh?


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  1. Ruth, glad you are getting help! God knows just what we need when we need it. Praying for the Thrush issue to clear up. Olivia was really cranky too for the first two months, but she is wonderful now. Just give him a little time. It will pass. It could be he is reacting to the yogurt. That tends to produce gas — found that in my kids’ and my cases.

  2. Sorry you and your little guy are having a rough time. That’s such a hard thing when they just can’t tell you what’s wrong! Thank goodness for a wonderful mother-in-law who knew what you needed. Sending more prayers your way.

  3. I hope everything is getting better by now, and yes, you are blessed…how awesome to have family so close! I too pray that the thrush will clear up, I know that will make a big difference…curious to hear what the chiropractor said….

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