Coffee makes the world a happier place: Fact!


September 30th, 2011

Did you know that yesterday was National Coffee Day?  You’d think Starbucks would give away free coffee, but no.  Only 7-Eleven and Krispy Kreme were giving away free coffee.  Dunkin’ Donuts was offering discounted coffee.  Caribou Coffee was giving away free coffee too, but that must be a western U.S. thing?  I’ve never heard of a Caribou Coffee shop.  Only bagged coffee.

So did I participate?  No.  I told you I’m a coffee snob.  I searched the internet, hoping in vain that Starbucks was offering free or discounted coffee.  I was planning on loading the kids up in the Suburban and driving to town just for my free coffee.  (Which doesn’t really make it free, does it?  I probably would have paid $3 just in gas.)

I did drink coffee.  Of COURSE!  I even drank extra coffee in honor of National Coffee Day.  I didn’t need much encouragement to support this national day.  Can we make it an official, national holiday?  (Nobody goes to school or work.  We just sit around all day and drink coffee, and get paid to do so…)  I need to vote somebody into the oval office who loves coffee as much as I do.

The extra coffee felt nice.  I forgot to mention in my last post that drinking LESS coffee was my new hobby.  (I hate it.)  Just to see if Zach settles down with less caffeine in his system.  I don’t know if it’s been working or not.  Dee might say yes, but I’m not going to jump to any conclusions!  (And, I just really want to drink lots of coffee.)

Dee and I drove up to Chambersburg for an evening of volleyball last night, and we stopped at Starbucks for coffee even though we were already late.  I ordered a grande coffee with hazelnut syrup, and oh WOW — why in the world did I think I hated hazelnut flavoring?!  Silly me.  Maybe I just hadn’t tried Starbucks’ hazelnut yet.


Last night was the first night in a couple of weeks that I’ve had an evening coffee.  I was wondering how Zach would do, and if I’d suffer the consequences of my actions.  Guess what?  He slept in his own bed for six and a half hours straight last night!  That’s a new record.  Before last night, he’d only ever slept for three and a half hours straight.  And even that was rare.  (Funny what moms of newborns keep track of and get excited about, yeah?)  I felt GOOD when I woke up this morning!

And remember, I had coffee late last night.  So really, if I want to go with cold hard facts, Zach sleeps better when I drink coffee at night.  I like those facts.

And DID YOU KNOW… that coffee could quite possibly lower the risk of depression in women?  Regular coffee, not decaf; and not other drinks with caffeine.  Just COFFEE!  Yes.  It’s the newest study.  My friend Aaron first alerted me to this breaking news, and then I stumbled across another article claiming the same thing.  If you think I’m pulling my leg, here’s just one of many articles:

See?  I’m not obsessed.  I’m smart.  Just taking care of my health is all…

Plus, after drinking that coffee last night, and drinking a little extra today, Zach gave me his FIRST SMILE today!  A big ‘ol beautiful grin, right into my eyes.  Oh my word!  Even after four smiling babies before him, I thought I’d die with love!  I almost cried!  Sappy, right?  Sorry, but it’s true.  I spent the rest of the day coaxing grins out of my baby!

Coffee and smiles, they just go together


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  1. Ha! Ha! Ruth, you crack me up. I love coffee too, but only if it’s loaded with yummy flavors and cream. 🙂 I have had to watch how much I drink too because of nursing. I indulge myself once-a-week at church though. It’s free for me too that way. 🙂 I like the thought of less depression with coffee. I also read it helps prevent Alzheimer’s. Interesting thought! It is precious, isn’t it, when those smiles start?! Glad you are doing well and getting some fun couple time too!

  2. Well now, it’s a bummer coffee gives me migraines. Right now I’ve taken to drinking a hot cup of Chai; it tastes very Fall to me. I’m glad you and baby are doing great!

  3. We have Caribou coffee here (they’re actually based out of MN). I prefer their drip coffee to Starbucks (gasp), but Starbucks still wins when it comes to their “mixed drinks”. 😉 We
    unfortunetly missed out on the free coffee on Thursday. It was actually a BOGO free deal…but still. Better than paying full price. 🙂

  4. In Hawaii, we celebrate the day…of course because we are the only state in America that grows coffee! Our local coffee festival offers fresh coffee, prizes, free bags of Hawaiian coffee and more. The funny thing is Starbucks got the gong as they were offering basically nothing compared to the island farms (and they are corporate America!) I guess this deserves a letter to the company..LOL! I am very fortunate, get to drink coffee beans picked and roasted within the week! We have coffee tastings, certain people follow certain farms, etc! I guess it would be like garlic lovers in Gilroy. So glad that Zac is letting mama have her down time…and her coffee!

  5. Um, yes. A national coffee holiday is an EXCELLENT idea!! You are so SMART!

    Although, and I hate to say this, Starbucks coffee is YUCKY!! It’s so bitter and burned! But my husband loves it, and I love him, and he’s pretty great and so are you, so can we still be friends? 😉

    I’m glad Zach slept for you, and I’m glad you slept well. What time zone are you in? I think maybe we’ll have to arrange a date and time when we both sit down with a cup of coffee (and maybe a scone or some other treat) and have a Moment of Ruth. 😀

  6. What an excellent idea! I live on Eastern Time, and Starbucks. =) So what coffee do you drink, if you don’t like Starbucks? And where do you live? (You know, just in case I decide to come knocking on your door, trying to convince you to give Starbucks another shot…)

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