Birthday partying


October 13th, 2011

I’m older now.  Wiser?  I’d like to think so!  But probably not.  Just older.  ‘Cause I had a birthday this week!

Yeah, I still get excited about birthdays!  Definitely more flexible though, like letting my husband help friends move instead of taking me out for dinner or even just coffee.  I didn’t get cake on my birthday either!  Well, I never eat cake on my birthday.  I’m an apple pie girl.  (Kirstyn begged me to let her make me a pie yesterday, but it just wasn’t the right time for me to supervise!)

My kids were super sweet, and tried hard all day long to make my birthday special.  They succeeded!  First thing yesterday morning, Kirstyn brought me a paper bag filled with gum, silly bandz, a comb, a candle, tiny paper doves, and a picture of a house — complete with flower boxes on the window sills, and trees with egg-filled nests.  The paper was also covered with math facts and spelling words she’s been learning.

A few days before my birthday, Kirstyn got all concerned about what she could give me.  She really wanted to go shopping and buy something!  I was running errands the evening before my birthday, so I took her along.  She was so cute!  She said, “I’ll tell you the stuff is for me, since you won’t forget about it if you know it’s for you!”  We stopped at Tractor Supply to pick up rabbit food, and she wanted to buy a T-shirt, and a hat, and boots… she just wanted to buy me presents!  Anything!  (I LOVE having a daughter!)  We settled for three bags of licorice, so she and Cory and Cameron could all wrap something up to give me.

She wanted to wrap up the licorice at 10:00pm when we got home, but I made her wait.  So first thing yesterday morning, she took Cory, Cameron and Megan upstairs and wrapped the licorice up in Christmas paper.  We ate licorice for breakfast!  And sticky buns from my mother-in-law.  And coffee… always coffee!

ON my coffee pot, I found a letter (with a hand-written note!) and a diamond necklace from my husband!  I think the diamond is bigger than the one in my engagement ring.  (I’m not asking!)  Isn’t he DREAMY?

My Massachusetts family called and sang “Happy Birthday” to me over the phone, and I had birthday letters in the mailbox.

I took the day off of school, and watched movies with my kids and made chocolate chip scones.  We watched “Barbie, Princess Charm School” and “Zookeeper.”  And we ate the entire batch of chocolate chip scones!

The kids and I ate supper by ourselves, since Dee went straight to Bryce and Heather’s after work.  After supper, I took the kids over to say goodbye to Bryce and Heather and their kids.  *Sniff!”  My friends moved to Georgia today.

I think birthdays get spread out the older one gets, which is kind of fun!  This morning my sister-in-law Erin had a birthday brunch for me at her house.  Mom H. and Shelley were there too of course, and we ate yummy food, drank coffee, sat and chatted while the kids ran circles around the house, and I got to open more presents!  I feel very loved.

My mother-in-law is still making me an apple pie this week, and Dee is still taking me out to eat.  And Cameron is very adamant that I HAVE to blow out a candle!  He also wants to sing “Happy Birthday” to me.  So we still have some party left, folks!

(Oh, and tonight I sat and ate half a quart of Starbucks java chip ice cream.  That was my birthday present to myself!)


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  1. Happy {belated} birthday!! Sounds like you have a lovely week ahead of you! I like it when birthdays aren’t just celebrated on the day you were born…but allll week long. 🙂

    (Btw, sorry you had to say goodbye to your friends. Our friends moved to NV a couple of weeks ago – so sad!)

  2. Happy (late) Birthday!!!!

    Two things:
    I *need* your recipe for chocolate chip scones.
    I also *need* to see a pic of your birthday diamond!

    I’m glad people showered you with love and attention, and your kiddos are so cute!!

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