Birthday Letter


                                                                October 21st, 2011

Dear Cameron,

Happy 4th birthday!  You’re growing up.  Not only are you the same size as your big brother, but your inner character is growing as well.  I’ve seen you develop a lot of self-control and responsiblity this year!

Like yesterday, at the pumpkin patch, when Megan had her meltdowns.  You were having the time of your life, pushing a wheelbarrow around, looking for the perfect pumpkin all your own… when I said we needed to leave.  Not too long ago, you would have had your very own meltdown at such frustrating instructions!  But you wheeled your wheelbarrow back to where it belonged, and followed Mommy to the car empty-handed.  With no complaining!  I was so proud of you.

I see you getting frustrated at commands we give you, because they don’t always make sense to you.  I want you to know that I understand.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense.  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy are unreasonable.  I’m proud of you for trying really hard to listen anyway!  You do need to learn how to obey authority, but I’m proud of you for thinking through stuff on your own.  When you grow up, this skill will serve you well!  I know that you will never be one to just follow the crowd.

At just four years old, you have some of the best work ethics I’ve ever seen!  Daddy and I talk all the time about what a hard worker you are.  You are always eager to help!  It doesn’t matter how large or small the job is, or how hot or cold the weather is.  You’re right there, working until the job is done.  I’m thinking of this summer, and how you helped Grammy mulch flower beds and work outside in the hot, sweaty sun for eight hours!  There are grown men who don’t work as hard as you.

I love how excited you are about reading books.  Right now your favorite book is “Frog and Toad Together,” and I don’t mind reading it again and again, with you curled up next to me.

You also love to do school, and beg to participate when Kirstyn and Cory and I sit down with math pages every morning.  I’m sorry I say “No” a lot!  I’m still new at this homeschool thing.  I’ll figure out how to manage everyone — I promise!  I love how thrilled you are to learn new things.  Like names of the streets we’re driving on.  Even though I get tired of constantly giving you our location status, and sometimes ask you to stop talking, I am so proud that you don’t let negativity keep you from discovering.  You know your way around town, including street names, because you ask questions.   You remember which house Daddy delivered shingles to, even if it’s an hour away and we just drove by it one time.  You’ve known since you were two years old how to get to the pea-shellers farm, after only driving there once with me!  All this is pretty amazing.

I love how comfortable you are around people, even if you’re not a huge talker.  I’m thinking of when you first met Dan up at Indian Hollow this summer, and immediately asked to help him cook.  Or the cute girl you met at the pool, and stood next to even though she was with her Grandpa.  Or the little girl you saw dancing at Braden and Missy’s wedding.  You asked her to dance, even though none of your other siblings were out on the dance  floor with you.

You’re still my little cuddlebug, and I don’t think you’ll outgrow that.  I’m almost positive that your love language is physical touch!  You love to have me rub your back, or play with your hair.  If you’re grumpy, I know I can pull you on my lap for snuggles or tickles and everything will be better.  You love to give hugs and kisses, and not just to me!  You’re very free with your affection.  I’m glad!  It will be nice to have at least one grown son who still gives me hugs and kisses!

You are such a delight to me.  I do get mad at you, I know.  I’m sorry!  Your inquisitiveness makes you trouble prone, but it’s also one of your best qualities!  Balance will come.  I’m trying to be patient, and learn how to mother such a smart, creative, determined child.  Thank you for your patience, and forgiveness, and unconditional love back to me.  I love you!


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  1. Aww, great post, and great that you are writing these down. He will cherish this many times as he grows up and can look back and see what he was like when he was littler. =)

  2. Okay, you made me cry! Happy, happy birthday to Cameron, and thank you two for raising such awesome young people. In the midst of such turbulent times, you have chosen to focus on the one that created us and on His direction and guidance for your life….thank you!
    Blessings on all of you! XO Connie

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