I bet my librarians are nicer than your librarians!


I have books again!  Books make me so happy it’s ridiculous.  Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned how I used to sneak books into the bathroom?  My dad called me up and laughed, “So, are you too old to spank?”  He didn’t remember any book-sneaking incidents.  I was sneakier than I thought!

(I got my sister in trouble too!  After I told my tale, she fessed up to hiding books in the clothes hamper in the bathroom.  Dad didn’t know about that either.)

My new books are from the library.  My very own books!  Usually I just check out mounds of children’s books.  (And now “young adult,” as Kirstyn is already reading Nancy Drew and the like!)  Last week I left most of the kids with Dee, and drove to town to settle my book problem.  Some books in our library mound had already been renewed three times, so I couldn’t renew them again.  Two renewals is the maximum, which I took care of the day after Zach was born.  I called my library and explained why I couldn’t make it in that day, and the librarian said “No problem!” and wished Zach a happy birth day.

My third renewal happened when I discovered that we were missing seven books from the printed book list!  The librarian took pity on me, and I promised that we would hunt high and low for those books.  (My lost book bill would have been over $100!)

I knew a fourth renewal just wasn’t going to happen, so I had to drive to town last week, on the evening my books were due.  I dropped off the books and admitted that there was one book I couldn’t find.  Turns out it was an adult book!  No wonder the kids didn’t remember it.  The librarian sweetly renewed my one book again!   She told me if I didn’t find it this time, I’d have to pay $14.99.  Or, I could find it cheaper myself, and just replace it.

Can I just say, I LOVE MY LIBRARY!  I love the librarians!  They always bend the rules to help me out.  Of course, I do have cute kiddos to plead my case for me.  (“Please ma’am, that’s a box of diapers for our baby!  Please don’t make us pay!”)

But if I hadn’t found the book (which I did), I’d have cheerfully paid the replacement fee.  We love our library, use it a lot, and it was my mistake, losing a book!  It’s not even a donation we’re talking about.  I should give them $14.99 anyway, just to say “Thanks!”  If we ever lose our public libraries, I’m almost positive the world will come to an end.  My world will!

Now I have  a brand new stack of books to keep track of.  If only I could figure out how to stay up late reading all my new books, and not be zombified the next day.  Umm… five pots of coffee?


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  1. Ruth, I love to read too. I read when I nurse Olivia to sleep. I love the chance to relax and unwind a bit. While we are in Boston, I plan to sleep, play with Olivia, and read a lot. Of course, this is when Jonathan is working. 🙂

  2. You totally have the best librarians! Mine have never let anything slide. In fact that is why we don’t frequent the library during the school year. I just don’t have time to make all the runs back and forth and end up paying a fortune.

  3. It get’s increasingly harder for me to believe how much Kirstyn is reading! It’s so, so awesome! Wow, you really do have a cool library. I mean, cooler than usual – I’ve never met a grumpy librarian! There’s something magical about libraries…and I think all librarians know it.

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