Rotten mice, and “crabs” from the woods


Last months, I asked my kids if they wanted to write a blog post for me.  Kirstyn wrote about catching crabs in the woods, and at the time I smiled and thought, “What a great imagination she has!”

Well, it turns out, there are crabs in my woods!  My boys have been hanging out in the woods together, and the other day they brought me a treasure.  A crawfish.  I had no idea there were crawfish nearby!  We kept it in a bowl of water overnight, and the next day I made the boys bring the crawfish home.  (Back to its home, not mine!)

My boys come home muddy and wet almost every day, but I just smile and make them strip at the door.  I’ll gladly wash all the laundry required for these childhood memories.

They love to bring me treasures, my boys.  I try really, really hard to say, “Oh wow!  Thank you!”  I love their adventurous spirits, creative minds, and brave hearts.  Every once in a while though…

Like last week.  Cameron came to me with an old Wrigley’s gum tin.  Inside the tin, I found a dead mouse, full of wriggling maggots.  I yelled.  I told Cameron that live animals were fine, as long as he doesn’t hurt them, but DON’T touch the dead ones!  I made him scrub with soap and water, and reminded him again that he shouldn’t eat raw eggs out of the chicken coop either.

I think Cameron should have a career with animals.  He can be a farmer, a rancher, a rodeo cowboy, a veterinarian, a marine biologist, it really doesn’t matter!  I have a friend, who has a brother, who’s a horse farrier, who makes really good money, who’s looking for an apprentice…

Is four years old too young?  Not that I’m anxious to be rid of him.  I just think Cameron would love and thrive in an occupation requiring so much muscle and sweat!  Plus, then his mama can come and visit the horses.

(Yeah, I might have some ulterior motives!)

I guess I’ll just keep him for now.  I’ll be his treasure keeper.  All except for the rotting carcasses.  Those, I’m throwing out!



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  1. Ewwwwww. I would have screamed, too. 🙂

    But then, I scream at live mice, who eat the chicken food, who scare the unsuspecting me when I reach my arm down in the bucket… ick!

    I did NOT scream at the mouse skeleton that fell from a hole in the ceiling! (*pat my back* !!). The hole was made by the electirician, and not yet fixed by the husband. And at some point, a mouse skeleton fell onto the little girl’s chair that sits under the hole. *slight shudder* *L*

  2. I hope my adult children never lose their “adventuresome” spirit! Sometimes I see the “weight of the world” taking it away! Farriers seem to be a dying trade like blacksmiths…hmmmm!

    Take care..Connie

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