No soft women here!


International Women’s Day was this week — March 8th.  I just want to take a moment and tell my sister Esther and my sister-in-law Erin “WELCOME” to the world of motherhood, and “YOU ROCK!”

Jena Rose Martin was born on February 18th.  I LOVE having a niece that lives just 5 minutes away!  We are going to spoil her rotten.  (With Erin’s permission, of course.)

Keziah Grace Snyder was born on February 29th.  (The cutest “leapling” in leap year history, I’m sure!)

My sister Esther went into labor on Saturday, February 25th, and didn’t give birth to Keziah until the following Wednesday.  I was so excited to be nearby for her birth!  When I heard that Esther was in labor, I decided to drive up to Massachusetts with my 5 kids to meet the new baby and hug my sister.  Well.  On Tuesday, the scheduled travel day, still no baby.  Esther hadn’t slept all weekend, so she was exhausted.  Her midwife gave her some sleeping pills and told her to crash for the afternoon.  When she woke up, she wanted company, so my sisters Liz and Anna and I hung out with her and Ben for the evening.  In between contractions, we watched “Last Man Standing,” complained about Courtney still being on “The Bachelor,” swapped storied, and “oohed” and “awwed” over all the little girl cuteness around the apartment.  (Like, the gorgeous toy box that Liz made for Keziah!!!)

After one of her contractions, Esther told me, “I can’t believe you did this five times.”  I said, “I never labored for four days!”  She already had me in awe at that point.  I am SO PROUD of my little sister!

Esther never got a chance to take the 8-hour sleeping pill.  Her water broke at midnight, and she and Ben and my mom spent the next almost-17 hours at the hospital, laboring and waiting for Keziah.  Keziah was backwards, so Esther had back labor for those five days.  (Can I just say again how in awe of my sister I am?)  When it came time to push, baby’s head just wouldn’t budge.  After a couple of hours of pushing, the midwife told Esther that they’d have to do a C-section if nothing happened within the hour.  Keziah’s heart rate was accelerating, and Esther was completely worn out.  Ben spoke to his daughter, and said, “Keziah Grace, put your head down.”  She did it!  They did it!  Esther pushed her baby girl out, and I know that if I’d been there I would have cried.

It’s a beautiful, messy thing, the birth of a baby.  Love in all it’s reality.

Keziah’s umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and chest, and she was blue when she came out.  Didn’t cry.  She was whisked away to be worked on while the midwife and nurses worked on Esther.  Esther hemmorhaged heavily, and ended up needing 6 units of blood before she left the hospital.  All the medical staff told her they’d never seen anyone get 6 units of blood, or have a hemoglobin level of 4.6!  The pediatrician told Esther that her body was functioning at 30% at Keziah’s birth.

Keziah swallowed meconium, and possible caught an infection Esther had, so she stayed at the hospital for a full week of antibiotics.  We bothered the adorable little Snyder family plenty while they were stuck in the hospital!  I don’t think Keziah was put down very much that week.  She had tons of people loving on her, and I have to admit that Esther and Ben might even make cuter kids than me and Dee!

I just wish they didn’t live 8 hours away.  (Or 7 hours 15 minutes, if you’re driving by yourself with 5 kids, and your foot just keeps pressing down that gas pedal…)


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"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. Giving birth certainly isn’t for the faint of heart! Great job Erin and Esther, you both did an awesome job and are going to be wonderful moms. : ) Since your girls conspired before birth and decided to both be posterior births I would definately advise keeping an eye on them when they get together. : )

    • You too, Shelley… that posterier labor. I really can’t complain about my labors at all, when you all have gone through WAY more agonizing labors/deliveries! About those girls, maybe Jena and Keziah never should have had that “womb-date” back around Christmas? LOL! Oh, and I forgot to mention that Esther and Ben were already talking about names for their next baby the morning after Keziah’s birth. Crazy kids. =)

  2. Oh so exciting!!! (btw, I heard more about the birth from you than from Anna! humm….I’ll have to work on that!)

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