Did anyone forget that I’m a princess AND a rockstar?


It’s not Thanksgiving, but I have a list!

I’m thankful for my dishwasher.  Trite?  You wouldn’t even suggest this, if YOU had a broken dishwasher and had to wash dishes by hand for almost a week.  (And don’t even go with the, “Well, when I was a youngster…”  I’ve been there, done that, and I’m not a youngster anymore.  I also used to mow the grass with a manual push mower, and clip the hedges with all-human-powered clippers.  Oh, and the snow… all snow we shoveled by hand… my back hurts with the memory!)

I’m thankful for online shopping, and credit cards, and the ability to say, “MAIL ME A NEW MOTOR ASAP!”

I’m also thankful for a husband who can take the dishwasher apart, figure out what’s broken, and put it back together again with the new motor… saving us 100’s of dollars and my sanity.

I’m thankful for wilted dandelions that appear on my counter.  All loud with, “I LOVE YOU!”

I’m thankful for hard days that make me say, ‘Wanna switch kids?” to my sister-in-law.  Because then I’m more intentional about my mothering.

I’m thankful for a sleeping boy curled up next to me on the floor at movie time.  The same boy who asks at bedtime, “Can I climb in bed with you and snuggle in the morning?”

I’m thankful for a baby that squeals with delight and shivers his whole body when he sees me.  I totally AM a rockstar!

I’m thankful for kids that tell me I’m the best mom in the whole world!  (I even get “Mom is hot!  Cool hot!” notes.)

I’m thankful for kids that forgive my “shushing” and still want to tell me their secrets.

I’m thankful for kids that want to live forever in heaven with me, and our Saviour that makes this possible!  How much more fairytale can you get?  A prince, an ever-after love, a wedding feast, a mansion, streets of gold, no yelling, or discouraging days, no sadness or tears, no death, or fear of death.   Just perfection.  Glory.  Love.   Always, always there is love.

The Beatles had their faith misplaced, in humanity, when they sang “All You Need Is Love.”  But WOW — what a true phrase!  Love began this world, and love died for this world.  Love conquered death for this world!  And all we need is HIM.

I am grateful for a God that covers me with His blood sacrifice.

May you all be blessed with warm memories, redemption, and hot coffee this Resurrection Sunday!

He is RISEN!

He is risen indeed.


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  1. Coming from someone who does NOT have a dishwasher, I’m looking forward to the day when I can gratefully say that I have one. I’m currently procrastinating. So, no, it’s not cheesy!

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