Ramen Poodle, and lots of pee


If any of you need urine bags to dump on your gardens, to scare away the wild animals, my son is working on a patented system.  The urine will be deposited into water balloons!  That way, you can order just a few tablespoons at a time, instead of having to order by the gallon.

The boys have also improved my laundry system.  They dump all the clean laundry out on the floor when they’re looking for a new pair of undies. (Peeing into water balloons has side-effects.)  That way, Mommy will just fold the laundry to cut back on handling!

What else made me laugh today?  Um, this disturbing image:

Normally, I encourage creativity in the kitchen.  I let my kids use all the pots and pans and spoons they want.  Yes, the ones we use for cooking and eating!  It drives Dee nuts, to find a trail of cookware and cutlery from the kitchen floor all the way out back to the dirt pile.  But I tell myself, “I’m growing Einsteins!”

Ramen Poodle soup though?  I may have to ban that menu item.  This poodle, by the way, is the “Big daddy dog” Megan mentioned.  See why I tried to convince her it really doesn’t look male?

I apologize, to all you guys out there trying to hang on to your tough guy image.  My daughter will shoot it down!


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