A Letter to Baby Mercy


Dear Mercy,

We’re all anxiously waiting for your birth.  Being baby #6 has it’s perks!  You are already so loved.  Zach, your next oldest sibling, loves to kiss you right through my belly.


All of your siblings love to come with me to midwife appointments, so they can hear your heartbeat.  Kirstyn, Cory, Cameron, Megan, and Zach… We talk about you all the time.  Daddy and I pray for you, and your brothers and sister do too.  They pray that you’d be healthy, safe, and strong.

The moment I found out I was pregnant with you, I knew your name was Mercy.  I knew you’d be my little girl, even before I started throwing up night and day.  When the ultrasound technician told me you were a girl, I just smiled and said, “I know.”


Daddy and I didn’t plan on you coming this year, so when I found out you were our baby already, I knew that God had planned for you.  I knew that He loved us enough to give you to us, in His great love and mercy.  For His glory.  Because of grace.  And so, your name is Mercy Glorianna.  Mercy, Glory, and Grace.

We love you so much!  Daddy has been busy painting our bedroom, getting it ready for your arrival.  He’s painting it “puddle,” a gray/brown color, because Mama likes rain.  (It’s supposed to rain every day this week, so now would be a perfect time to be born!)  I plan on having you sleep in my room and close to my heart as long as possible!

You’ll soon find out that Daddy loves to hold his babies.  A lot!  He’ll take lots of naps with you, and take you from me as soon as we get to church just so he can show you off to people.  He’s already so proud of you.


We found out that you could have health complications, due to the unusual umbilical cord that connects us right now.  Your cord has two strands instead of three, so you might not be getting as much nutrients as you would with a normal three vessel cord.  Your kidneys were showing extra fluid at my last ultrasound, so the doctors will do another ultrasound after you’re born to see if your kidneys are okay.  I know.  It’s all so confusing!  So many unknowns.  But it’s not confusing or unknown to God, your creator and sustainer of life.  He loves you more than Daddy and I ever could, and we trust that He is perfecting you and protecting you at every moment and step of your life.

Life itself can be confusing.  It makes so much more sense when you know and love the presence of God.  More than anything else, I hope you remember that God is the best choice you could ever make!  Love Him and serve Him with every ounce of your being.  Mommy and Daddy will be beside you to cheer you on and hold you up as long as you need us.






Come meet us, baby girl!


About patchofheaven

"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. Tears are flowing as I read this…praying for you and your precious little one…I remember the first words my Mom said to me when my little sister was diagnosed with Downs… “Anita, God in Heaven, holding this precious little girl, looked down on the earth. He said to Himself ‘what family can I bless with this child’? He saw us and here she is!!” I never forget those words, especially when I might be overwhelmed with the reality of Downs!! Blessings to you, Dear One!!

  2. There have been many times that you made me smile since your arrival so long ago. This is the first time you made me cry. That letter is so beautiful!

    Much love to all,
    Cathie McCoy

  3. Ok this is so sweet and definitely made me teary…maybe it’s my own pregnancy hormones. I don’t know, but this is just great.

  4. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your heart! Your love of the Lord, and your family is truly inspiring! Praying for you, Mercy, and your whole family! Much love from the MA Edwards 🙂

  5. I just sent you an email, but I’ll reply here too… I’m teary too after reading that letter! Praying for Grace and Peace to be yours in Jesus as you all journey into this next season together as a family, and for Mercy Glorianna’s safe and healthy arrival in God’s perfect timing… I love you so much, my dear sweet faithful friend!

  6. Ruth,
    I love this letter! I’m sure she will cherish it forever. Words are so powerful and encouraging! I wish I could write so beautifully. I always thought you shoul write a book but now I’m not sure. Your blogs always seem to make me cry, I don’t know how I would ever be able to get through a whole book 😉
    Hugs! Your friend,

  7. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering if Mercy had come yet!! Thanks for posting and for the update. I’ll continue praying for both of you (well, for all of you, but especially for you and Mercy!)

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