School’s out!



(That was me, not the kids, practicing my Mel Gibson voice.)  Today was our last day of school.  This mom/teacher is just as excited as the kids!

Time to be ridiculously lazy.

Just now I handed the kids a whole carton of ice cream, a spoon per kid, and told them to go eat it in their pricker fort.  They think I’m a cool mom, which I am, but I also knew it would buy me 45 minutes of alone time.

I gave them the cheap, artificially flavored raspberry stuff, and pulled out the creamy chocolate ice cream bars after the kids disappeared over the hill.  I ate two.  I also ate two last night, after everyone was in bed.  I need to stop going grocery shopping!  My husband does a better job of sticking to “milk, bread, and apples.”

Is it crazy that I already have most of my curriculum purchased for next year?  As hard as home schooling is, I enjoy it.  I love spending time with my kids, and I love it when nice teacher shows up and makes my kids fall in love with her.  I love watching my kids discover life,  and I love learning with them!

(I also love brainwashing them.  I won’t deny it!  Hey, if I’m going to make hundreds of PB&J sandwiches in my lifetime, I deserve a small power trip, right?)

Here are some of the books we studied this year:

The Story of the World: The Middle Ages

Sitting down to read our history is probably my favorite time of day!  This is our second year using SOTW, and I’m a happy customer!  We also ordered the activity book and tests to go along with the textbook.  The activity book has a lot of maps (which look awesome in Kirstyn’s portfolio), coloring pages, crafts, recipes, and extra reading to go along with each chapter.  It’s awesome.  I love that it’s a history book for multiple ages.  For my younger kids, I have them sit and color while they listen to the story.  My older kids can do extra reading, writing, and projects related to the chapter.  I’ve already ordered our Story of the World books for next year!

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy

I. Love. Apologia science!  This is our second year using Apologia.  I splurged and bought the note booking journal for Kirstyn, instead of trying to come up with assignments on my own.  Worth every penny, in my opinion!  Next year Cory and Cameron will be journaling too, in junior notebooks.

Wordly Wise

I love words.  I love language.  I love writing.  This is an example of where I am going to brainwash my kids and teach them to love it too!

Spelling Skills

My daughter has atrocious spelling.  She comes by this honestly.  (You don’t need to be a good speller to write!)  I bought this cheap book hoping to improve her skills, and was pleasantly surprised!  Not by improved spelling necessarily, because that is still questionable, but this book was fun!  It was the first book Kirstyn worked in every morning, and she quickly finished the entire book.  I don’t know what other moms do, but if my kids get their math done, I let them double up on stuff that interests them.  We’re promoting the LOVE of learning here, not learning itself.  It works for us!

Explode the Code

I use these books — there are several in the series — for two of my kids, and they never get boring.  Well, let’s be reasonable.  My kids would prefer not to do any school, but if they must… they enjoy working through these books!  I love that there’s reading, writing, and spelling all in one workbook.  Killing three birds with one stone is very convenient while home schooling.

We also used Easy Grammar, Saxon Math, A Reason for Handwriting, Sylvan and Brainquest workbooks for the younger kids, and various odds and ends.  And we read LOTS of books!  I hope my kids grow up and surround themselves with books, reminiscent of their childhood.  Books and trees and animals!

Coffee’s a given.  They already beg for it every morning.


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About patchofheaven

"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. Hi Ruth! I just bought (and got our first shipment) of home school resources for next year too. Exciting! Guess what I ordered- SOTW and workbooks and Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy with notebook journal for Julia and the junior version for Gabriella and Ayla. Great minds think a like…ha. Miss you all and pray you are well! 🙂

    • We miss you guys too! Hope you’re feeling well! I heard my baby sister is working for you guys later this year? I can’t wait to hear news about a baby — and hopefully meet him!

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