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Hide your Chick-Fil-A cows, unless you want a visit from my two-year-old!


Anyone else still have Christmas lights and decorations up?  Good.  I love you!

My holiday celebrations are just now winding down for good.  My Massachusetts family (including married, boyfriend, and close family friend) spent five days with us, and we partied hard!  We’re talking about coffee by the gallon, a Krumpe’s Donuts trip at midnight, and 4:00am card games.  Sleep?  Who needs sleep?  As my Montana brother would say, “Sleep is a sign of caffeine deprivation.”

I had the best Christmas ever!  Having all the families together was a blast, and of course I loved my gifts. I’m  not gonna lie, and say that presents don’t matter!  I got an iPod, docking station, new music, jewelry, Starbucks gift cards, books, chocolate, and a brand new COFFEE POT!  It holds 12 cups instead of 8, so I think it’s pretty perfect.  We blew through 4 pounds of coffee while my family was here, and that new little pot held its own!

(The coffee maker beeps at me to tell me when the coffee’s ready, and Cameron grabs a towel and runs over to fan the smoke detector.  It’s hilarious!  Another Cameron funny:  I was eating leftover sauerkraut today, and he leaned over my bowl for a whiff and asked, “What does sauer-crap taste like?”)

Cory turned six years old yesterday, and my Massachusetts family stuck around all morning to help celebrate his birthday.  We also took the kids to Chick-Fil-A for supper, for a special birthday meal.  I love that most birthday meal requests are foods that I don’t have to cook!!!  (Tony’s Pizza is the top favorite.)

Megan LOVED THE COW AT CHICK-FIL-A!  Yeah, I typed that all uppercase, because I was trying to scream like Megan.  She shrieked with delight when she saw the cow-person, and followed him around the restaurant hugging his legs and petting his face when he finally picked her up.  A few kids screamed in terror at the sight of the monster cow, but I’m almost positive that Megan made up for the fearful children with her sheer adoration.

Oh, speaking of cows, I didn’t tell the chicken restaurant that we just butchered and processed a roughly 550-pound cow during Christmas week.  What a day!  Dee helped his mom, dad and sister in the morning at the butcher shop, slicing steaks and roasts, squeezing meat through the ground beef machine (good old Hobart!), and wrapping everything up in butcher paper for our freezers.  We also brought 100 pounds of ground beef home to turn into meatloaf and meatballs for our three families.  All in all, it was a long, 12-hour day, but tons of fun!  My 34-week pregnant sister-in-law was amazing.  She worked her butt off like she always does, even with a huge belly, tired body, heartburn, and gallbladder stones.  My hero!

I hope you all had a very merry and love-filled Christmas too!  Happy New Year to everyone!  I’m not making resolutions, because I don’t believe in them.  I’d end up with  a puffed-up or deflated self, and I don’t want either!  Just Jesus.


Babies on the table


Here’s where Christmas is happening at our house this year!  Almost all of my decorations got put in the basement, so now the rest of my house is feeling left out.

Here’s the new paint color in my kitchen and dining room.  Have I mentioned yet that I. LOVE. IT!  A picture doesn’t do it justice.  You’ll have to come visit!  That coffee and scones invitation is always on the table, not just when I’m decorating for Christmas.

Speaking of decorating, we normally decorate our supper table with the baby.  Sometimes the kids don’t finish their food, and it may have less do to with the yumminess factor (roast chicken and mashed potatoes) and more to do with the distraction of such an adorable table topper!  We like to make it giggle.




Where I pretty much complain about thrush. And drugs.


I couldn’t do it.  I filled Zach’s prescription, spent $20 for the stuff, but then I couldn’t give it to him!  His pediatrician prescribed Nystatin?  I’ve never heard of it before.  I gave Zach one dose, on the inside of his cheek, and then I was reading all the possible side effects of the drug.  Mouth irritation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or stomach upset… fast heartbeat, wheezing, muscle pain… rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing.  And then, “This is not a complete list of possible side effects.”  Um, I don’t think so!  Not my two-week-old baby boy.

So it sits on the counter.

And I’m back to gritting my teeth every time Zach nurses.  Which, remember, is quite often.

And I’ll need to stick to my diet of plain oatmeal for breakfast, coffee with no sugar (I do cheat on a liiittttle bit of cream!), raw almonds for snack, yogurt, rice cakes and (all-natural, fresh-ground) peanut butter for lunch, all the veggies I want, rice and beans, and anything else I can think of that has no sugar, dairy, wheat, or yeast in it.

Dee wanted pizza from Tony’s for supper.  I said that was fine, I just wouldn’t be able to eat it!  Dairy, wheat, and yeast.  Sugar too, although not tons.  So then he wasn’t going to order pizza, but I pointed out that pretty much everything he and the kids would want to eat, I wouldn’t be able to eat.  He didn’t want to join me for rice cakes and peanut butter.  I told him to just throw a pizza party without me.  (That sounded sarcastic.  I didn’t mean it to!  I really hope my family can still enjoy yummy food in spite of my diet restrictions!)

I bought a baby probiotic powder that goes on Zach’s tongue and cheeks, and I’m still taking tons of probiotics.  Plus garlic out the wazoo (good thing it’s odorless), and lots of vitamin C and other anti-fungal stuff.  I’m slathering an anti-fungal/anti-bacterial cream on my boobs, and also a water/vinegar mixture before and after nursing.  Yogurt too, applied topically, is supposedly a miracle product.

We’re going to beat this thrush!  In the meantime, don’t try to talk to me while I’m nursing.  Or touch me.  Dee tries to kiss Zach’s head, and even that makes me extremely irritable.  Poor guy.  My big guy, not the little one.  Zach doesn’t seem to mind the thrush at all!  All the info I’ve read said that an infected baby might cry or fuss while nursing, since the thrush might be painful.  Nope!  He just chomps down and goes to town.

So.  That was a lot of girl talk.  Maybe too much info for my male readers?  But this is my blog for future memories.  ‘Cause yeah, I’m resigned to the fact that I’m going to forget almost everything!  I refused to believe it for many years, but I already can’t remember when Kirstyn and Cory were babies.  I can’t even remember how many times I’ve zapped my coffee in the microwave today.  Four, I think?

Oh!  I can eat popcorn!  Without butter, of course, but that’s what I’ll munch on during our movie tonight.

Also totally random:  My maple trees are turning red and gold!  This makes me all warm and happy inside!!!

Basement pictures, and ways to induce labor that do NOT work!


Does somebody else want to come vacuum my house?  Maybe Baby doesn’t like my nesting style.  He missed another storm, too!  Now that I’m three days past my due date, I’m not giving him so much wiggle room.  Time to be born, and snuggle with the rest of the family for all of this rainy week!

I tried overdosing on red raspberry leaves.  I drank 18 tea bags and took probably 24 capsules in a 24 hour period.  No go!  A few sporadic contractions, but nothing that stuck.  Last night, Kbug told me, “Mom, I want you to go to the hospital tonight!”  (I’m not sure if she was thinking about the baby, or the party I’m sure will happen while Mommy and Daddy are gone.)  I told her, “Believe me, I do too.”  Besides the anxious-to-meet-baby-and-start-snuggling factor, there’s the size factor.  All Baby’s doing now is getting fatter and fatter, and I am NOT looking forward to pushing out a 9 1/2 lb baby!  (That’s the size Dee and I guessed.)

(This weight conversation happened on a walk, another try at inducing labor.  We’ve also tried all the fun, couple-oriented ways of inducing labor.  Which, by the way, did not work with my first four kids either.  I’m sure it’s a scam started by a male doctor.)

I tried over-eating.  Yesterday, for Labor Day, Anna and I made a yummy feast.  Chicken pot-pie, fried green beans, and stuffed jalapenos.  I ATE, let me tell you!  But it didn’t force Baby to give up his space.  If I had castor oil in my house, I’d be mighty tempted to drink it right now.

Maybe I should run out to Wal-Mart…

I promised basement pictures a while back.  Here’s where we’ve been hanging out, and where we’ll be hanging out a lot more in the near future!  (I’m the type of mom that loves company after a new baby, so stop on in to say “Hi!” and hang out with us!)


My druggie husband


If I had doubts before, I don’t anymore:  NyQuil works!  I’ve never taken the drug myself, but I keep it on hand for Dee.  We’ve even given it in small, small doses to the kids if they can’t sleep at night from coughing.

Last night I went shopping for stuff we’ll need on our week-long camping trip in Massachusetts.  I bought some stuff we don’t need too, like Pop-tarts, Slim-jims, gummy snacks, sugar cereal in those cute little personal-size boxes, Oreos… and pretty much everything else I saw at Sam’s Club that we never buy that will make the kids love this trip!  We’re going to be the cool family with the yummy junk.  And since we have everything in Sam’s Club size, enough junk to let my kids share food and be popular kids with the other campers!

I stopped at Starbucks to buy two pounds of ground coffee.  My mom was planning on bringing canned coffee camping, and I have to admit that I’m too much of a coffee snob to drink Folgers!  I got two tall iced coffees for free with my purchase.  (Yes, I’m a very valued customer!)  I was sipping away as I drove down the road to Kohl’s, and wouldn’t you know it, I spilled coffee down the front of my shirt.

At Kohl’s, I needed to pick up new socks for everyone.  First though, I picked out two wedding cards and carried them and a wadded up plastic bag in front of my belly, to hide the coffee spills on my shirt.  At the checkout counter, the cashier smiled and said, “Would you like me to take that bag for you?  You look like you’re doing that awkward holding thing.”  Yep.  That’s me!  I handed her the bag and gestured to my shirt.  “I was kind of using the bag to cover up my coffee spill.  That’s what happens when you’ve got a big belly!  It catches everything!”  She smiled and said, “Honestly?  I didn’t even realize you were pregnant!  You’re really not that big.”  Oh girl, I could’ve kissed you!  You lied, but that’s irrelevant.

So where does NyQuil fit in?  I made a few more stops as well, and by the time I got home, it was almost 10:00pm.  Before I started unloading the car, I went in to kiss Dee.  (I knew he hadn’t been sleeping long, because I called him on my way home to tell him I was done shopping.)  But he wouldn’t wake up for all the kisses in the world!  So I unloaded the car, and sat down to eat some supper and watch America’s Got Talent.  I was in and out of my room a couple of times, and Dee never stirred.  At 11:00pm I went outside to water my plants, and when I came back inside I found CJ screaming outside of my bedroom door.  Still no sign of Dee!  I tucked CJ back in bed, and when I finally crawled in bed a little while later, I tried again to wake Dee up with kisses and snuggles.  He was out cold!

This morning I asked Dee if he took NyQuil last night. He said, “Uh, yeah… why?”  So I told him.  He was a little disappointed that he’d missed all those kisses and snuggles!  I’m going to have to remember this trick if I ever don’t want him to wake up when I come to  bed…

Body pillows and green cupcakes


Along with my laptop, I also bought two laundry baskets and a fluffy green body pillow last night.  I’m excited about those purchases too!  (Can you tell I haven’t been shopping for a while?)  I’ve been carrying whole loads of laundry outside to the line with my bare arms.  Those laundry baskets are my new best friend.

And the body pillow?  I’ve been dreaming of a body pillow since I first got pregnant seven years ago, and realized that adding 25 pounds to your front side makes your back ache and your sleep illusive.  Every time I mentioned how nice it would be to curl up around a body pillow, Dee would say, “But Baby, I’ll be your body pillow!”  It’s just NOT the same.  Not even close.  So, finally, five pregnancies later, I broke down and spent $11.99 at Ross’ on a body pillow. I slept GOOD last night!  Dee may become jealous of that pillow and me, but I don’t care.  It’s soooo perfect!

While Dee and I were out shopping, the boys fell off the back of the dumpy trailer.  They were out helping Grammy and Pappy mulch the baby raspberry plants, and riding on top of a full load of mulch.  No broken bones or anything, but CJ hurt his hand and cried for half an hour.  When I asked him about it this morning, and mentioned how Cboy must not have been hurt as bad, CJ said, “Yeah, I cried better than him.”

It’s another holiday!  Dee plans on cranking out the hours in the basement, trying to get drywall hung and possibly the walls sanded.  We spent $600 dollars at Lowe’s last night, and with that bill plus my Best Buy bill (where I also bought a camera), we should really be more depressed than happy!  But I’m definitely HAPPY!

We’re going to watch fireworks too, and go swimming, and rent movies, and eat pizza, ice cream, watermelon, pickles and banana peppers, and whatever else we feel like eating and doing!

I tried to make festive, blue cupcakes this morning, to kick of the 4th of July weekend.  The plan was to ice them white and red for a patriotic dessert.  But, blue food coloring in yellow cake mix turns green.  (Duh, right?  Any kindergartener knows this!)  And the more blue you add, the darker green it turns.  So, we’ll be eating green cupcakes with white and red icing!  But after all, green is my favorite color, so that’s okay.

My not-so-great eating and drinking habits.


I had to rescue my sister-in-law yesterday.  She’s such a cute damsel in distress!  Her car wouldn’t start, so I packed the kids in the car, picked Erin up in the ACT II parking lot, and drove her home.  (Seven minutes away.)  I was a little bit jealous that gone are my days of spending the morning shopping!

After we dropped her off, I figured I already went through the effort of getting all the kids peed and shoed and in the car, so why not run errands?  We stopped at the post office to mail a late wedding RSVP.  I can’t believe my kids are old enough to argue about whose turn it is to drop the mail in the box!  I let my kids get out of the car and go to the mailbox by themselves?!

My boys found a trench/culvert thing to climb in, and found a bunch of dirty rubber bands.  You never know where treasure awaits!  And yes, I let them keep the filthy treasure.  Germs are good for the immune system, I hear.

Greencastle Coffee Roasters is right next to the post office, so the kids convinced me that fresh roasted peanuts would be the perfect snack.  And Oh My were they good!  Still hot, fresh out of the roaster.  The peanut ladies were even better!  One girl let my kids dip their hands in the peanut barrel to sample a freshly roasted peanut.  (Remember, germs are good — we’re helping other people get healthy…)  The other lady was my favorite.  She gushed, “Wow, you have four kids?  How is that?”  She was even more in awe of me when I told her I was also pregnant.   (She couldn’t see my belly, under the checkout counter.)  She came around the counter and told my kids they were so well-behaved, and “Do you always listen to your mom?”  Then when I turned to leave the store, she said “And you’re still so SLIM!”  I’m thinking, Okay, yes!  I will come buy more peanuts  — lots of them!

I can’t say I snacked so healthily the rest of the day.  I ate a big pile of potato chips, and then Dee brought me home TWO Starbucks frappuccinos!  (NO!  I didn’t drink them both!)  I’d been wanted to try the coconut mocha one, but wasn’t sure I’d like it.  So Dee also bought me my old standby — the peppermint java chip.  I didn’t like the coconut one, so I fed it to the kids.  I’m nice and sharing like that.

I had a meatball sub supper packed up and ready to go when Dee got home, and we took the kids and food to City Park for a picnic.  All the ducklings and goslings were adorable!  The baby groundhogs too, whatever they’re called.  We got rained on, which was probably the most fun of all, and ran back to the Suburban which Dee started driving the wrong way home Well, just a long way home, by way of Krumpe’s Donuts.  See?  I told you I totally blew my healthy pregnancy diet yesterday!

At least I’m drinking lots of water.  Trying to anyway!  Sometimes it’s hard to remember to turn on the faucet and get a drink.  I’d much rather pour liquid from a coffee pot!  BUT, two midwife visits in a row I got yelled at for having too-low blood pressure.  One time, it read 70 something over 50 something, and Rosie basically told me my kidney’s would shut down if it stayed that low.  Kinda bad.  Plus, I could go into premature labor from being dehydrated.  Also bad.  At my midwife appointment last week, I checked in with 90/58, which is average for me.  Rosie said it’s still low, but acceptable.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, I did get a late Mother’s Day card!  (Actually just a regular, lovey-dovey, romantic card — that he also WROTE in — since all the Mother’s Day cards were already stashed away for next year.)  Me and Dee did have that little chat I mentioned.  I was very proud of myself for expressing my extreme gratefulness for the year-round cherishing he does, but also a desire to feel extra special on special days!  And then we broke his mom’s dishwasher.  His fault.  He was trying to grab me.

P.S.  Moosies just told me, “That’s water coming out,” as I was getting her a drink at the kitchen sink.  How does she know I need help?