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Jammies and ice cream


I’m not sure I like the term “bucket list,” because I’m not sure I like to copy from a movie (a movie I loved!), but regardless…  I crossed something off of my “whatever-it’s-called list” last week!

I’ve always wanted to tuck the kids in bed for the night, and then wake them up and go out for ice cream.  If you were a kid, wouldn’t that be a fun thing you’d remember?  Forever?  I thought so.

My husband, he’s a little more practical than me.  So we compromised.  We didn’t actually tuck the kids in bed.  They put jammies on, and Kirstyn even brushed her teeth and was heading up to bed, when Dee said, “Okay, everybody go climb in the Suburban!”

When I climbed into the car with Zach a few minutes later, I could feel the excitement!  Giggles, and disbelief…”Mommy!  Guess what!  We’re getting ICE CREAM!” and… “I can’t believe we’re actually getting ice cream in our JAMMIES!”

It was a big hit.

At Mikie’s, Cory came inside to help me carry ice cream out back out to everyone.  If it was up to me, I would have let all the kids troop inside in their footie jammies!  But again, I deferred to my practical hubby.  Maybe next time?  It would be fun to make this a monthly tradition.

We pigged out on mint moosetracks (I have almost everyone converted to my favorite!) and waffle cones, and drove home with sticky faces and happy voices saying, “Thanks, Daddy!”

(He was nice and told them it was Mommy’s idea.)

We tucked the kids in bed with spilled ice cream on their jammies.  I’m sure they had sweet dreams!

My Pollyanna girl


My kids haven’t seen the movie “Pollyanna,” but Kbug is a living replica of that girl!  She’s always looking on the bright side of life, looking for the good in people.

Yesterday, we saw a neighbor out raking leaves in the furious wind.  I laughed, and said, “Oh, that’s silly!  Why would she rake leaves in a wind storm? The piles will just blow away!”

I wasn’t actually asking “why?” but Kbug told me anyway.  “Mom, maybe she’s a… what do you call it when your husband dies?”

“A widow?”

“Yeah!  Maybe she’s a widow, and she really misses her husband and needs something to do.”

Okay, I’m kind of convicted by my daughter’s sweet thoughts, but I kept up the conversation. 

“Well, I know she’s not a widow, because I’ve seen her husband before.”

“Maybe her husband’s at work and her kids are in school?  Maybe she’s bored, waiting for her kids to come home, so she’s raking leaves.”

“No, she looks older, like a grandma.”

“Well maybe she just likes raking leaves!!!”

Aaannnnnd… Kbug’s the winner, of Choose Love Day!

I certainly don’t want my daughter to grow up being so naive and trusting that she gets taken advantage of and hurt.  Not physically anyway.  Hurt feelings, on the other hand, just mean that we’re being Christlike!  (And we can always choose to forgive, brush the hurt feelings away.)  We’re still loving, serving, and giving with wide open hearts.  Regardless of whether the world gives back or not.

Kbug’s heart reminded me of this favorite quote…

“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

Today I’m grateful for…

23. a gracious, sensitive, loving daughter

24. black tea…

25. …a new “Parents” magazine to go with it!

26. a strong house to keep out the wind

27. fluffy down blankets

28. the local library

29. Christmas music

30. a huge mulch pile (fort material)

31. Beeyoutiful vitamins

32. raw milk

33. peach smoothies, with peaches from Grammy’s trees!

34. sweaters

35. kittens

36. our wood furnace

My gratefulness list idea came from Ann Voskamp.  Check her out over at A Holy Experience!  Her words are quiet, gentle, and beautiful.

I’m kicking grumpy’s butt!


I’m trying not to complain about anything this week.  It’s hard! (See?  Complaining!)  When Dee called this morning, I told him about Moosies spilling her fishy crackers and Kbug knocking over my vase of flowers.  Really?  Is that all?

Dee said, “Babe, would you trade all the messes for no kids?”  (Oh drat.  Convicted again!  He’s so wise and kind, that man of mine.)

NO!  A thousand times NO!

Basically, as Pappy puts it, I need to “suck it up!” and welcome the messes.

If I seem sickly sweet and happy this week, it’s because I’m working on gratefulness.  Please stick with me!  And know that I may be blinking back tears and gritting my teeth as I journal my blessings.

Today I’m thankful for…

1. small hands, still learning coordination

2. hot showers

3. a sharp razor

3. a full pantry

4. rain

5. chubby toddler legs

6. coffee (even lukewarm!)

7. three friends that call, just to say “hi,” invite me to girls night, and tell me about free tickets to Sight and Sound

8. a mother-in-law that offers to watch my youngest kids so I can GO to Sight and Sound!

9. sisters-in-law to go with me

10. farm fresh eggs — free!

11. a brand new firefly shirt from my sister

12. jeans that look good

13. a husband that goes grocery shopping

14. the smell of soft, clean baby curls

15. sticky peanut butter kisses from baby lips

16. a dishwasher

17. flowers from my man

18. “Parenthood” on NBC tonight!

19. a daughter that thinks to write a thank you note all on her own

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Monday? Bring it!


Can I tell you a secret?  I love Mondays!  No joke!  I understand the Monday back-to-the-daily-grind-blues, and I’ve done my share of complaining.  But overall, Mondays around here are fun!  Here’s why:

It’s a fresh start!

I’m rested.  Sleep does wonders for my attitude!  Dee usually lets me nap for a couple of hours on Sundays, and we spend the afternoon/evening just hanging out.  No projects!

Because I’m rested, I have more patience with the kids.  CJ spills his water?  And cuts his hand all up?  No problem.  Popcorn all over the floor?  And noodles floating in the bathtub?  That’s okay.

Sunday morning’s message and sweet fellowship are still fresh in my mind.  I actually got to talk to MOMMIES!  And God was there.  I know God is here always, and I know I should always remember the lessons I’ve learned.   But the fact of the matter is… I don’t always.  I forget, in the middle of diapers and laundry.  On Mondays, I remember that my hands doing these jobs are God’s hands.

My mom calls me!  I’ll never be too old to talk to my mom, to get excited when I see her number pop up on my caller ID.  She understands the diapers and laundry!

Kbug only does one page of math?  Oh well.  We have the rest of the week to catch up!

We blow up punch balloons, jump on the trampoline, color pictures, pet kitties, eat popsicles, make block towers and tents, and I do all these things too.

By Friday, after doing all these things for five days straight, and cooking and washing and calming down tempers, I’m weary!  I usually fall asleep on Dee’s lap Friday night, and ask him the next day how the movie ended.

Today was extra fun, because we had a mad cop show up on our front step!  Lucky for me, I changed out of my jammies at 8:00am instead of 9:00am!  I still had mascara smeared under my eyes, but oh well.  She wanted to know if we were #12868, and when I said no, she said, “Well then, where the H**L is it!”  Sorry lady.  The rednecks around here are good hiders!

Fishy crackers, firewood, and fresh ground beef


We’ve been crazy busy the past few days!  Big things, little things, all stuff that writes our family’s story:

  • Escaping a house fire.  CJ decided to toast his fishy crackers in the microwave, still sealed in a big foil bag (Sam’s Club).  “I SPARKLED them!” is what he told me with a grin.
  • Kbug wouldn’t feel the bottom of Cboy’s warm plate, so he told her she couldn’t be in his wedding.  Glad we have that decided already.
  • Kbug dressing her fluffy kitten in Barbie clothes.
  • I showed Cboy how to jump on empty milk jugs and pop the top across the room.  Free fun!
  • 90 lbs of fresh ground beef from the butcher shop!  Erin, Mom H. and I turned it into 500 meatballs and around 50 meatloafs on Thursday afternoon.
  • Stuffing our freezers full with the rest of the cow, turned into steaks, roasts, and… MORE ground beef!
  • Getting 5 diapers into the diaper pail!  Yes, this is exciting for me!  I toss every (wrapped up) dirty diaper from the changing table to the diaper pail.  Ten feet, into an opening six inches around… I usually miss every time.
  • Kbug whining, “Why do YOU get to change ALL the poopy diapers?!”  I kid you not.  And you don’t know how close I came to saying, “You know what?  Knock yourself out girlfriend!”
  • Kbug learned how to whistle.  Now I don’t have to hear, “Mommy, make Cboy stop whistling!  It hurts my feelings, since I don’t know how.”
  • Going on my first ever field trip as a homeschool mom!  We toured the Greencastle fire station.  SO cool!  I was way more excited than my kids.  My kids were the ones saying, “But I have to EAT it, Mom!” (A booger) and making faces in the super shiny rims on the fire trucks.
  • Woodcutting party!  A bunch of families from church came down and helped us cut and stack wood.  After seven hours, we had 12 cords sitting pretty, waiting for us to burn this winter.  It sounds like I worked too, but I didn’t!  The dads and kids did it all, while the moms and babies sat inside and cooked and laughed and talked.
  • Watching my husband run the backhoe and walk around in his chainsaw chaps.  He is smokin‘ hot in those chaps!  Makes me drool every time.
  • Watching Cboy throw logs around with the big boys, and turn cartwheels through the orchard while the other boys just walked.
  • Cboy came inside and made a HUGE dirty mess taking his shoes and coat off, which I totally didn’t mind from my worker boy.  I turned around, and the mess was gone!  He’d cleaned it up with the broom and dustpan.
  • Kbug took over another chore for me!  She hopped in the tub for her Saturday night bath, and I put Moosies in to play while Kbug washed up.  Next thing I know, both girls are out of the shower, and Kbug’s putting a diaper on Moosies!  Even Moosies’ hair was squeaky clean!
  • Rubbing Cory’s back in church this morning, at his request, and having him fall asleep on my lap.  Sweet moments I wish could stay forever.
  • Of course, how can I not mention my Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks!  I sipped it slowly, making it last as long as possible for the hour and fifteen minutes home from church.  Thank you to my family, the Spulers, and Bryce and Heather for birthday gift cards!

On a side note, my spell-checker does not do “poopy” and “boogers.”  I guess it doesn’t have kids.

Sharing is for mommies too


I’ve always suspected this, and now I know it’s true:  I could use a nanny!

My sister Liz was here with me for a few days, and I got so much done!  I wish she didn’t live so far away.  Not just because the kids love her, and I can clean and organize while she’s here, but because I love her!  I wish I could brew a pot of coffee in the afternoon, call her up, and have her stop by for a mug and a chat.

My windows and curtains are sparkly clean now.  I love that the sunshine actually SHINES IN my windows in the fall!  While Liz was here I also washed down walls, ceiling fans, wood floors and woodwork, vacuumed the stairs, the upstairs floors (a rare feat!), window blinds and lampshades, cleaned out kitchen drawers, wiped down kitchen cabinets, and piled up stuff for the Goodwill.  I also had NO mountains of dishes or laundry, thanks to Liz!

Maybe I have a nesting addiction?  Megan is nineteen months old, and normally I would have a brand new baby by now.  So I don’t have a baby, but still have nesting impulses?  Crazy theory, nevermind.

Today I have dishes.  And laundry.  But I finally got to sit in my chair!!!  That birthday present papasan?  I set it up days ago, and even lit candles for a calm, relaxing atmosphere.  But every time I tried to sneak in my room, I got caught.  I did get serenaded by Moosies!  When she saw the candles, she started singing “Happy Birthday” to me.  Adorable!

This afternoon I brewed some tea and cuddled up in my chair while the kids watched “Snow White.”  I read five pages of a book, and dozed for maybe twenty minutes until Megan and Cameron both woke up crying.

Interruptions are my life!  I guess I don’t mind.  I do in the moment, yes!  I get frustrated when Derek brings me home a hot, steaming, DELICIOUS cup of coffee from Starbucks, but I have a toddler following my around demanding, “Mommy!  Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”  And Derek can’t take her because the phone keeps ringing.  And he has to go work on the truck.  And CJ let the chickens out, and the rabbit is still lost, and Kbug let the door slam on Cboy’s face, and somebody doesn’t remember the other Hunsbergers’ phone number so they call US!  So I sink down on the floor with a bucket of blocks, and build towers for Moosies to knock over while I sip my coffee.

My heart softens as Moosies grins at me and says, “elephant?”

“Yeah!  That’s an elephant!”  I’m amazed that she remembers.  I show her more wooden block pictures, and she knows at least half of them!  And I remember that I’m her teacher, and she loves me, and we’re bonding, and tying heart strings, and I’ll be sad when she’s too old to follow me around and beg, “Hold me!”  So for now, I’ll just hold her tight.   I can share my papasan with a little girl who won’t let me go, and her big brother that still gets jealous.  I can stop blogging and finish at night, so I can read a book to a six-year-old daughter who’s wondering how much I love her.  And whether I’ll love her unconditionally, or be a fairweather mom. 

I have a lot of time to share right now, and children who still want me to share with them!  It won’t always be this way.