My husband said “stupid!”


“I’m glad God made Massachusetts, so you would have a place to grow up.”

“Whoever didn’t snatch you up in Massachusetts missed out on the best wife ever!”

And my favorite, “I’m glad all the men in Massachusetts are stupid, so a dumb redneck guy from Pennsylvania could stumble across you and marry you.”

*giggle*  My husband was on a Massachusetts roll yesterday!  He comes up with very unique phrases.  I’m just grateful he’s still throwing pick-up lines at me after almost eight years of marriage.

He said a bunch of other nice things too, like telling me, “You are such a beautiful mom” as I was carrying Zach up to bed.  Dee was quite full of it!  Yesterday I soaked it all up, but not always.

Sometimes I brush sweet words off, unbelieving.  I love, love, love all of Dee’s flattery and compliments.  He pours it over me every day, like honey to my soul.  (And my redneck truck driver has some original honey up his sleeve!)  But sometimes I don’t accept his words at face value.  I grow uncomfortable.

“Babe, you are so beautiful!”

“But my belly is wrinkly.”


You’re a wonderful mom, you know that?”

“That’s what you keep telling me!”

Tell me I’m not the only one?  Does anyone else crave praise and then struggle to accept it?  My Megan, I think she’s got it right.  I tell her, “Megan, you are such a good hair-fixer!”  A grin on her face, she simply says, “I know.”

God calls me elect, holy, beloved…  Holy?  really?  Instead of hemming and fretting about how I don’t measure up, maybe I should just say, “I know, Lord.  Thank you for Jesus.”

My goal this week:  Accept love just the way it’s given!

About Ruth Hunsberger

"Mom" sums it up quite well! I cook, I clean, I homeschool, and yes, I do still ride a tricycle. I love to read books to my kids, and every once in a while I manage to read a book "all by my big self." I journal about my life, here at patchofheaven; hoping to remember, grow, love more, and entertain my mom and other readers!

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  1. You hit the nail on the head! My husband does the same for me, and I’m not always very good about accepting it. Especially right now I feel so big, unattractive, and totally not confident about this Mom thing! I’ve cared for lots of babies before, and I can’t WAIT to hold my little one, but it’s just a lot of unknowns. I wish I would take things more at face value instead of always analyzing, refuting, disbelieving, or doubting. 🙂

  2. I know what you mean! I’m always wishing and longing for compliments. But then I feel guilty and disbelieving when people do give me compliments! It’s awful! I agree with Derek, you are a wonderful mom! And sooooo beautiful! Except I do kinda wish there were some smart guys in Mass…so you didn’t have to live all the way in PA…. But then I wouldn’t have an awesome, sweet brother-in-law like Derek.

  3. Just re-read Neil Andersons “Who I am in Christ” and wishing (praying) that all of my loved ones (including yours truly) could sincerely grasp who God says we are, what a difference that would make in how we are able to accept compliments, yeah?

    What a blessing to read about the love that runs deep in your home…we all benefit!

    Blessings on you,


    ps…did you kiss the little guy for me? okay, now hug all of the others…a Hawaii hug..LOL!

  4. I’m really bad at just accepting compliments. I think it’s amazing that your hubby is still giving you pickup lines after 8 years of marriage. I’m 28 years in and my sweetie still tries to compliment me every day.

  5. Ruth, you have it right on. Yes, I do the same thing: crave praise and then doubt and second-guess it all. I love what you said about God’s love — thanks to Jesus!

    BTW, we all think you are a beautiful, awesome mom! I know why you are that way though — it’s because you have allowed God to work His beauty in you. It’s magnetic and draws everyone! That’s what God’s love can do!

    Your Dee does a great job! Such a blessing!

  6. That’s soo ahhsummm!!!
    To stop myself saying “Really?” or “even though my tummy’s all flabby now?” I try to say “and you’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met.”
    I am truly blessed with the most amazing husband in the whole world. And my God gave him to me.
    How wonderful is that. To be so deeply loved by a God that would give you the perfect mate and amazing children? You can’t ask for more than that?

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